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Re: Transferring or Changing your Phone Number

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Lies and a total scam.  Ported my number out and imemdiskty messaged CS to get a new number assigned to my account. Instead of helpful employees or even basic customer service I get a 2 line “you cancelled it’s gone too bad” from supposedly paid CUSTOMER SERVICE employees of PM. But reading the measssges coming from the “community” members here and their aggressive, dismissive, rude, and unendingly sarcastic comments to paying customers and others alike it’s no wonder the actual exploiters are so flippant and in total disregard for PM’s on terms of service. After years of paid service to receive such highly dismissive responses from employees who are clearly in violation of their own companies code it’s no wonder I still get a “who’s that?” When I say I’m with PM. This post is another prime example of explanations devoid of truly helpful information or that conveniently leaves out what supposedly happens to accounts where numbers are ported out. Utter ridiculousness to read page after page of community members and paid employees yell, belittle, and openly mock customers (and potential customers) in a public forum (poorly named “community”) for asking questions and needing help to navigate websites built by elementary school kids in 1997. 

Public mobile is in violation of their own terms of service noted here: No where in it does it say accounts are “canceled” for porting out and clearly states in paragraph three subpoint five: Prepaid service credits are non-refundable. After NINTEY days with no active rate plan, your account will be automatically “deactivated”. (Here they also define in-active and deactivated)

Since as the (employee?) has clearly stated it’s been “cancelled” after only 1 (their second messaged to me states) day PM is in direct Violation of said above term  as well as stating in paragraph four that PM can only change said TOS’s with 30 days written notice therefore this TOS is this TOS IS IN FORCE.


Section 9 FURTHER states number portability and clarifies wording:  “you have the right to take/port your number to another service/carrier” and only states that if choosing to leave without taking a number with “me” that they number may be re-assigned to another customer. PM FURTHER reminds that it(PM) must provide 30 days written notice to me if it wishes to change or otherwise alter services or components of the service that are assigned to “me” by “you”. No such notice has ever been given and I have made clear that my porting of my number was not for the intention of “cancellation”, suspending, or otherwise “deactivating” said account and as per the TOS (THAT PM WROTE) I have 89 remaining days to “re-activate an inactive plan” aka “suspended account” before the service is considered “deactivated”. With this TOS it would be clear all paid for services and credits granted are therefore available barring end of a paid for billing period being reached, written notice form PM that it’s ending or I abandon my account or numbers for an excess of 90 days. Porting out is NOT identified in the TOS as constituting in-itself a permanent and non-reversible end of service. 


Mayor / Maire

@Jared575 wrote:

Lies and a total scam.  Ported my number out and imemdiskty messaged CS to get a new number assigned to my account.


Number ported out and account will be closed immediately.  You won't be able to ask for a new number on the old account. 


Question is .. was your number ported to another provider?

Mayor / Maire

@Jared575    Unfortunately, once you PORT out your number from here, your PM account is automatically deactivated. 


However, there have been customers who have posted (recently) that they were able to get customer support to keep their account active after porting out their previous number and getting a new number assigned but this would require that you discuss this with CSA before transferring out.   Plus it seems to be done on a case by case basis and perhaps is only being permitted if the number is being transferred to either Koodo or Telus, so that the customer is still within the Telus family group of companies.  There may be other considerations at play too.


I don't see CSA being able to facilitate this though after the fact. 

Mayor / Maire

 @Jared575 : Good job with all the legal searching. I don't think you have a leg to stand on.

This page from the CRTC explains the effect of the transfer.

Switch Providers and Keep your Number
How does this work?
As soon as your current service provider receives the notice of cancellation from your new provider, they will cancel your services immediately.


Are there ANY providers that don't close the account upon transfer? Seems to be SOP.

@z10user4 wrote:

 @Jared575 : Good job with all the legal searching. I don't think you have a leg to

Good research on CRTC legal info. but why not do a proper research here  for the proper Porting procedure first before running into issues  🤔?  

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Says the guy who has to edit his reply 4 times. Research? You mean reading the TOS is legal research? So I can go for the bar exam now… 


But alas proving my point exactly. The flaming kinds of people sitting on these “community” boards providing zero assistance or being entirely unhelpful. Is this your end goal or do you get a kickback for every customer you attempt to intimidate and demean?

Yes as the crtc says that porting out a number can and does service notice of a customers intention to leave, it’s there so that operators cannot continue to bill customers for services they aren’t even remotely rendering under the guise “they didn’t tell us they were leaving.” No where in it does it say this is finite or without reversal. 

and ironically you proved another point in your pathetic attempts at putting someone down. At the PARENT COMPANY Telus and Koodo you can easily and without consequence beyond change number fees “restart” a plan that’s been closed due to porting, let alone any other number of the carriers. As a former slave for the t-mobile empire I re-activated many pre-paid and post-paid lines for an endless list of reasons.


Under your erroneously placed smugness from your poorly edited (and re-edited) reply you’d aptly pointed out that PM regulatory “reactivates” lines, yup, every time a customers billing expires or otherwise doesn’t go through on the due date causing a suspension... Weird. But Somehow the account number magically remains activate and leaves the number attached because the two have nothing to do with each other. Immediately shutting down the account and storming off is all PM Does. Simply acting like a spoiled child sub-par child who clearly thinks itself more than anyone else cares to think, who could blame them? The brilliant services provided by PM and its community stand by your immediate reply and the multiple **bleep**ty dismissive comments provided by supposed customer service employees.

so I question your motivations for being on here and replying. Has to be much more than weeling & dealing endless poorly written “gotcha” comments to get enough votes to take a buck off your service can’t really be all there is is it? Sad 😞 

Yup @Jared575 


Sad, on so many levels. 



@Jared575 wrote:


But alas proving my point exactly. The flaming kinds of people sitting on these “community” boards providing zero assistance or being entirely unhelpful. Is this your end goal or do you get a kickback for every customer you attempt to intimidate and demean?


I guess Treat others as you want to be treated 🙂

Relax and calm down one here supposed to be insulted, neither the kind-hearted members here who spent countless hours to help nor the paid-staff . 


If you want people to help, provide us information and details.   


But in your case, with any mobile providers in Canada, once number is ported away , then the account will be closed.  You might not like it, but this is the way it is.


If you just want a place to express your frustration and anger, there are other channels.  Writing to Jean-Pierre Blais could be a way, but I think writing to Darren Entwistle might have better result, you might end up with couple months of free service.


You already ported away your number?  Enjoy your new service and hope you have better luck there.  🎄 Merry Christmas 🎄






Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Lmao some people have some weird ways of showing kind hearted helpfulness. Not withstanding the messages I revceirged Ron paid employees who’s helpfulness was the fact they replied but if you think for a second that the countless threads on this forum constitutes helpfulness you’re sadly mistaken. Cursory glance at most of the main threads shows this service is beyond help, not only does it spend a ridiculous amount of time “down” but the level of un-reasonable errors customers face on a daily basis is actually quite astonishing, especially considering the seriously low customer count PM continues to carry and lose. Lose being the operative word here. 

in my 5 years with this carrier the fact the website and customer portal remain unchanged is quite frightening really, or the fact I can change my name, number, contacts, password, security questions, SIM card, credit card all in a single swoop and yet email is locked in? Mmmmk so a single hijacking of someone’s email could render their cellphone and entire two factor authentication system minutes… add that fact to the seemingly disconnected and disinterest employees who have to hide behind a wall of customers who need to show how knowledge about their service so as to hide the fact that the service is as incompetent and the parent companies. I quite frankly am amazed how unaware I was of how much bull i let this service take me for and I’ve switched gears to making sure this bs doesn’t continue on and bilk

someone else out of half a decade of their life. Whether it be to **bleep** service at 1998 speeds while paying 2021 prices. News flash guys this service isn’t that cheap by any stretch. The dedication to paying 5 years of service to get $5 off or wasting countless hours gettijgmupvotes to shave a buck off your dial up service. My intentions were to keep the service going under a friend cause they want basic service but me thinks a last second Christmas present is gonna be bringing them onto a new line with the new service. My New Years resolution will be to get all my referrals off this service too. They’ll be better for it. 

 @Jared575 : Wow. All these years of no problems (mentioned) and you go to LEAVE of your own volition and now you rant about the standard operating procedure that all carriers do of closing the account on port-out. That's what's astonishing.