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Ran out of calling minutes!

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I added more money and still can’t use my phone, what’s the problem?

can someone please explain?

thank you




Purchase an add on is a two step process. Need to first load the fund into your available balance and then purchase the add on.


Here is some more info

@paramgidda  make sure about it is purchase, it shows up on your Plan Details page on your My Account:


Also, a reboot might help after you confirmed that you purchased the add-on successfully

Mayor / Maire

@paramgidda  - is your account still showing ACTIVE on your self serve account or when you dial 611 from your device? Addons will only work on an ACTIVE plans.


So, if it is suspended for nonpayment you will need to add funds equal to, or more, manually to reactivate your plan.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

You might be wondering what all this talk about add-ons is about. Just adding money into the account doesn't do anything. This is not a pay as you go provider. So the suggestions are to buy an add-on or to upgrade your plan or to ask for an early renewal.

Mayor / Maire

Purchasing an add-on after logging in into your PM account is a two-step process. You need to load funds first and then purchase add on.

  1. Add funds to your PM account: Any funds to buy add-ons come from your balance, so manually add funds to your available balance first.
  2. Buy Add-On: You will actually buy the add-on after you add funds to your account or else you won't have funds to actually buy the add-on. Funds to buy add-on come from Your account (after adding funds in step #1) and not directly from your credit card.


All countable features will show up on the overview page. Unlimited features show up in Plan Details. ie. roaming talk and text.

Mayor / Maire

If you did both steps for the add on and are still having issues then a CSA may be your only avenue for resolution