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Pwd reset failure

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I was charged twice for an add-on a few weeks ago and requested CIBC Costco to ask Public Mobile for a refund of the duplicate charge. Btw, my account is topped up automatically every month.

why would Telus deactivate my account for no reason?

Getting a Service Agent to call us to resolve the issue is like asking for a miracle. 


Mayor / Maire

HI @antkoo   Chargeback is a NONO here.   PM has suspended your service and account.  You will need to open ticket with PM Support and try to work out something with them


You an only message them since you have no access to My Account now:

Mayor / Maire


Yes that was not the correct action on your part or your bank quite frankly. Public mobile is a prepaid provider. You pay they supply the service. While thd official policy is no refunds pm is very reasonable and will issue refunds on ocassion but mostly just credits your account. By requesting a chargeback without attempting to ask pm to resolve the issue they consider it fraudulent behaviour.


You will likely need to pay by voucher. More info on vouchers below...

Mayor / Maire

@antkoo - if you issued a charge back with your card company this can 'mess up' your account with public mobile.

Best to contact CSA for future issues like this first.


To get your account going and up again contact CSA to explain.


Two ways to contact CSA:

1- Put in a ticket through SIMon Bot (usually faster method to get in contact with the Public Mobile Customer Support agents=CSA) by clicking here:

2- Private message CSA here (slower method) by clicking here: