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Put my plan on hold for three months

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Good evening, I will be outside of Canada for three months, I am planning to hold my phone plan for that period of time because I won't use it, maybe if I could pay a little bit to keep my plan active, that would be awesome, also I would like to reactivate once I am back on march paying what I am paying right now. Please let me know.


Mayor / Maire

Just a reminder if you opt to downgrade to $15 plan (unless on it already) and currently are on a discontinued plan or even changed to one of the newer limited time offers of $40/15GB or $45/20GB, then you would not be able to go back to that plan.  Of course, there could be better value plans available to choose from when you are ready to reactivate again after your trip.

Mayor / Maire

Depending on your next renewal and when you return, you might not need to do anything other than turn off autopay. Then manually pay when you return and then turn on autopay. Depends on your dates.

Mayor / Maire


You can only suspend your account for 90 days but recommend you reactivate your account in 85 days just incase you have problems reactivating it.

If it is 90 days or longer, your account will be closed, SIM will be useless and you will lose your number.

The best option is to switch to the $15 plan and go on AutoPay. For $45 plus taxes while you are away, this will almost guarantee you won’t lose your number.

Mayor / Maire


Before you suspend your account while your away, you can change your plan to the $15 plan to save a few dollars.  But just know that when you reactivate your plan before the 90 days,  your current plan might not be available to get again, if it's discontinued.  It's just a slight possibility though.  

Mayor / Maire

Just before you go, downgrade to the $15 plan / 30 days. Once that plan have 90 days to renew or it's gone for good.

Disable Autopay if you don't want to be charged whilst you're away.

Mayor / Maire



You have 90 days from your renewal date to activate your account, otherwise your account will be automatically closed and number lost. It is advisable to do this earlier than later like on day 85 in case there are payment problems you need to sort out.



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