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Public Points

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

If you sign up for Public Points do you keep earning one point for every month you stay with Public? Or do you just receive the 10 points for every 12 months?


Also, the 5% points-back is that based on your monthly plan without including discounts? I.e. your plan is $25 but you use 5 points so it is only $20; do you get 1.25 points or just 1 point?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks for the information everyone. I was looking at the old vs. new system and it seems better to stay with what I have at the moment instead of switching to the new system. Thanks again.


@AdamGlass   you joined Community since 2021, So, I assume you are on the old rewards?  Then Don't Don't and  Don't switch (Truth needs to say out loud 3 times)


Let me present you what are the differences and what you will loss if you switch


  1.  $2 Autopay is no longer there and replaced with 5% ,  you get less UNLESS you have the $40 plan or above
    (but you get 5% for your other Add-on purchases as well)
  2. No more loyalty rewards, meaning the loyalty discount of $1/month up to $5/month will disappear. Instead, they will only give $10 each year on the anniversary.

    For someone with PM between 1st to 12th month
                  The old reward system will give $0 that year, versus $10 at the end of the 12th month with thew new system
    For someone with PM between the 13th and 24th month:
                    The old reward program will give $12 that year ($1/cycle), versus $10 at the end of the 24th month with the new system
    For someone with PM between months 25th and 36th:
                   the old reward program will give $24 that year ($2/cycle), versus $10 at the end of the 36th month with the new system
    for someone with PM between months 61 and 72 (and every year after that after that point)
                  the old reward program will give $60/year ($5/cycle) versus $10/year under the new system 

  3. You can no longer apply $1 or $2 you got to the bill right a way, you have to collect enough to 15 points to cash out $15 in one shot
    Also, you have to remember to convert your points to dollars once it reaches 15 points.  PM no longer automatic apply the reward discount.

On the other hand, the goodies for new system,

- 5% Points back for add-on purchases as well

- add-ons are around 33% cheaper when you redeem with Public Points
- you can use 1 point for lucky draw, so, technically you bet $1 and can win an iPhone 



Mayor / Maire


First of all....DON'T DO IT!!


Now that we got that out of the way.....if you switch to the points program from $$ rewards you will recieve:


  • 5 Welcome points
  • 1 point for every month you have been a pm customer.
  • 1 point/30 days for any active referrals.
  • 1 point=$1 for community rewards
  • 10 points (only) per year on your anniversary date (from activation).
  • 5% back on purchases thru your account. Credits and redemptions do not earn 5% back.

Mayor / Maire


  • yes 10 points every 12 months
  • you will get 1 point. the 5% calculation is based off the amount one pays and not the amount of the plan

Mayor / Maire



If you are currently on the old reward system, and considering switching to Public Points, DON'T


The old reward system is superior in many ways. The biggest difference is in the loyalty dollars.  In addition, unless you are going to be on a price plan higher than $40 , the $2 reward for automatic payment on the old rewards it is better. 


Also bear in mind when switching to Public Points it is a 1-way street and there is no switching back.  

Mayor / Maire

@AdamGlass  Yes you get 10 points each year 12 months annually and I believe 5% monthly points is based your your plan and of course any friend referral would be another 1 point monthly also 


edit check out this thread on points

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