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Public Points Rewards : Tracking points

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Public Points Rewards : Tracking your points rewards



Since I have some new referrals that are on Public Points and other members have raised questions regarding points can you answer a few questions ? Members that are earning points for their rewards are welcome to reference answers or ask their question in this thread if they wish....



  • Question #1 : How do you track referrals? Unlike the (old) rewards program that show in our accounts the $ amount of eligible referrals and the associated last 4 digits of their phone #. There appears to be no such similar category in points accounts? How do you track referrals? How do you ensure a referral code was applied correctly? How do you track referrals for eligibility? (suspended or not?)
  • Answer : (?)

$$ Rewards Account : referral rewards are displayed like this :




Public Points Account : points rewards are displayed like this :



  • Question #2 : When do your anniversary points get applied? On the date you activated your pm account or the date that you access your points reward account and agree to the terms of service?
  • If its the latter and a customer does not access their rewards account until a much later date then they will unfairly have their anniversary points application delayed. If so a reminder to access and agree to the terms of service should be given to the new customer.
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See an example of points awarded and redeemed here:


Anyone who poses new questions that get an official answer or a tried tested or true answer I will add to this post. I hope this helps provide insight and reference for points reward recipients and community members answering support questions.


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dun dun duuun!!! 

what happens when view all activity is clicked?

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You just get an expanded list of activity. Since @JL9  inspired my post because they could not find their recent referral in their points account I was hoping they would weigh in on what their list looks like?

Yeah I haven't seen anything yet. All of a sudden I can't even sign into my rewards on my mobile, shows up as page doesn't exist, even if I use incognito, can only sign in through laptop, but haven't seen anything yet. 

Mayor / Maire



LLooks like this, nothing in my rewards shows the number I referred and I still haven't received the 1 point either.. I did get the cha Ching text though


Sorry just tried to attach the picture of my rewards page since I had to take it from my laptop bc I cannot access my reward page anymore on my phone to take a screenshot and it says it is too large an attachment 

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Try taking a screenshot of your screenshot and cropping it a little.....It needs to be under 2.7mb to post. I know that can be a major pain when posting pics.


Thank you though!

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seems like it's changed to have even more control over referrals. but JL confirmed it shows the amount of referrals, just no numbers etc?

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@darlicious    Re:  Q2:   Loyalty points are added on the anniversary date according to the Public Points announcement.. 


Not sure what you mean by this "or the date that you access your points reward account and agree to the terms of service?" 



Anniversary Points

10 points

For every twelve months you stay with us, you’ll earn 10 points. Think of it like an anniversary present!

Note: time spent in suspend status is still counted towards your Anniversary.

On your Anniversary date

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Yes but what is your anniversary date? My referral activated and signed into their rewards account the same day. They recieved the message to check back as it takes a few days for the account to be set up. When they checked back three weeks later and was prompted to agree to the terms of service the date of May 23rd (the same day) appeared with their welcome gift of 5 points. My question relates to that that the date anniversary points will be added or the date of activation?

@darlicious    To me an anniversary date should be from date of activation so would think that's what it should be for your referral.   However, this is PM and with their knack for issuing confusing conditions/terms, it would be helpful to get clarification from the community manager.