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Public Mobile is going 100% digital -- But will it be 24/7? Will it be fast or slow??

Mayor / Maire

Today the My Account takes for ever to login!!!

Today the My Rewards is an oooops!!!

If PM is all online.....then please  make it work decently. 

And today is the last day for 5 x $5 "ACTIVATE" slow too??


Screen Shot 2022-09-30 at 10.23.27 AM.png



Mayor / Maire

I don't see how that's going to be possible when PM runs their website off of a 1mb connection... 🤣

Mayor / Maire




For what's it's worth....assumptions, stolen, hamster wheel. Today was my payment date and I reconcile the PM records to my records. I access the Rewards....once a month. 

Mayor / Maire

It worked properly an hour ago... Not a big deal. Do not be obsessed logging in every 10 minutes to check your rewards and account.

I log in only if I have to provide screenshot to help others. Nobody is stealing your precious rewards and minutes.

Just relax and feel LUCKY you do not live on East Coast.


@CountyDownIeUk , relax there might be a lot of people accessing their accounts to apply Fiona promo codes.  The self serve is nothing like  A few customers can really challenge the hamster wheel.