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Promotion Expiry.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Previously before the Update in May, Public Mobile would usually tell you the End Date of the Promotion Plans. 

Example: They made it very clear the end for the $40 • 15GB not showing up on the website, even though it was still there forever afterwards..

Why don't they show this anymore? I seen another post amongst the Community, someone got an email saying that the 20GB • $39 ends on August 3rd.. however no where on the Website is this indicated. 

I'd like to know the Expiry date for the $50 • 40GB Canada-US Plan, & the  $44 • 30GB Promotion.

Do you really think after August 3rd the 20GB Promotion will be gone, can anyone confirm?



Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

August 9th and the $39 • 20GB Promotion is still available! 🔥 

Mayor / Maire

I don't think I've seen an expiry posted on the website for the $50 plan, but I did get an Aug 2 expiry via the SMS offer. To me this doesn't look like a promo plan; that being said, outside of the $15 and $25 plans the rest seem to be changing quicker than I can slam back a cheeseburger, so I would consider all plans promos.


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

I asked the CSA Agent when the $50 • 40GB Canada-US Plan was going to expire and below is the response I got:

Regarding the plan you mentioned, it doesn't seem to be a promotional plan, or at least that's what I gathered from the website since it doesn't mention any promotions. Unfortunately, we don't have access to expiry dates before they are officially announced. This means we may not always have information about the specific duration of a promotion. Sometimes the marketing department provides a deadline for certain promos, but not always.

Generally, most promotional offers are labeled with a "For a limited time only" tag, and it's important to note that "Public Mobile reserves the right to remove or change this offer at any time without notice."

Given this uncertainty, it's advisable to take advantage of offers you like while they are available.




hard to tell.  We saw PM extending promotions again and agaon, we also saw it pull something on the exact day (but not at midnight, usually just mid Morning), so, we will see

Mayor / Maire

@Priority  There were text offers going out for both those plans . And all you had to do was reply YES and I that text it said it ended aug 2 maybe aug 3 . So I think that’s where some of that buzz came from . So today being aug 2 we will see but aug 4 if they plans are still there or not 

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