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Poor services

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am from Canada and visiting in the US.  I paid for roaming and international calles.  The text messages (incoming and outgoing) often are delayed by hours when away from the house.  The one international call that I tried did not go through.  I am paying for services that I don't get or as with texts, relay HOURS later when away from the home.  I think I should be reimbursed and assisted in getting these services working properly.  Additionally, I would like customer services that will assist me directly.  Why do I have to 'search' for help with other users.  



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have had the same issue. I was talking to a family member in the states and with Verizon they had the same issue coming into canada. If you want more support I believe the tech people who work at walmart can help you.

Good point for calling, but not applicable for SMS. 

Mayor / Maire


I went to eastern Wa state this weekend and bought the talk/text add-ons for myself and my bride. Her iPhone SE 2020 is volte enabled and worked just great.

My iPhone SE 2016 on the other hand isn't volte enabled and worked poorly in rural areas, but was sorta ok in urban areas...diminishing rapidly as I moved away from town center.

Check to see if your phones volte is "turned on". If unsure how, let us know what make your phone is and we can provide troubleshooting ideas to help.

Yup, was going to suggest this as well. Sounds like iMessage wasn't set to send over SMS if no data. And OP either didn't purchase a data add on or forgot to enable data roaming on the phone itself. I doubt this is a service issue. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Rita33 there is no customer service number.  You joined Public Mobile...everything is done online.

2023-03-15 12_52_50-Public Mobile _ Plans for any budget. No long term contracts, and Rewards that s.png

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@Rita33 did you add the proper add ons?  There is no ad on for international calls from the US.  It sounds like your have possibly purchased the wrong thing.  Are you connected to a US network with data roaming on?2023-05-24 22_46_45-Canada's First 5G Subscription Phone Service _ Public Mobile.png

Mayor / Maire

HI @Rita33  did you just buy the Roaming Talk and Text?

the text does not work, sound like you are sending iMessage and NOT Text.  iMessage needs data, if you didn't purchase Roaming data, it won't work until you have Wifi, that could be why

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