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Plan changed without my authorization

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I just noticed that effective January 2nd, 2023, my son's plan was changed.  It is now a 15GB/$40 plan instead of the $15 plan he had since joining Public Mobile.  What happened?  Who authorized this?  He doesn't have login info to change the plan and I certainly didn't change the plan.


Mayor / Maire



I know when I was that age, if I did not want my parents to figure it out, I might have hid the evidence.


In the case of a text, simply delete the text trail.


But that’s just me… Not suggesting yours would ever do that.  😉

Mayor / Maire

Can you find anything from 5169 and even 5129?


you know what? 


Reply YES2 is the way to get the December bonus. 

Reply YES is the reply to change the plan


the plan promotion and the December bonus were happening together, a wrong reply would get you a different phone


Did you see a text history of what your son reply/  If it did reply YES2, take a screenshot and reply PM Support

But if he replied YES, then he was replying the $40 plan promotion  😞


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I checked the text message from the date in question (December 8th, according to Public Mobile).  It was actually a "spirit of the season" promotion sent by Public Mobiel (4911) to which my son replied (I also took them up on this offer on my own phone, as did my daughter).  It was for a "one-time gift of 2GB of free data and 500 free intl. long-distance minutes.  Reply YES2 to instantly apply these add-ons to your account..."

This was the only one my son replied to on December 8th (or any date for that matter), and he asked me first.  I don't see any other evidence in his call logs/text history, etc that there was any other text message from Public Mobile.  
What am I missing here?

Mayor / Maire

hi @BNY   Yes, there was sms about this new plan, just reply YES and the system will schedule a plan change


It is probably too late now.  Just go back to My Account and change it back to $15 using only Change plan on renewal date option


Mayor / Maire

Your son will have replied with a yes to a promo text which sets up a plan change for the next renewal.

Just set up a plan change back for your next renewal and train your son not to reply to just any texts he sees.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle



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