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Phone showing no sin, can’t send or record text but can make phone calls

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max and I just transferred over from bell. My phone shows no sin on lockscreen, I’m not able to receive text messages, but I am able to make and receive calls.

also, I noticed a loading/processing status beside my phone number within messages and FaceTime settings 

Please help


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thx Dunkman, I'm related to LucasO and helping him out too. Right now he's able to make and receive calls, receive text messages but can't send them out. His phone still shows no Sim and when we look at messages settings in his iPhone 12 he has his email listed there but no phone number Eg the phone number he transfered over isn't even an option to select! 


Looks like your port was successful.  

Maybe try a reboot of your phone.  If that does not work, network reset of phone.  Note: this will erase any saved Wifi passwords.  

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hey thanks, my bell sim is inserted in the phone and when I select bell as primary I am not able to make or receive any calls. When I go to messages or FaceTime settings I see my phone number with a loading status icon beside my phone number but never a check mark on it. When I select public mobile as my primary, I can make and receive calls but when I go into messages or FaceTime settings it doesn’t show my phone number at all. Also I noticed on my lock screen it shows no sim.

Mayor / Maire

Hey @LucasO 

If you place your Bell SIM card back in your phone, do you still have service? If yes, the port wasn't complete and I can send you a number to call to resolve this problem. If the Bell SIM doesn't work, have you tried your SIM card in another phone?



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