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Overcharged for 1GB of data

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I noticed I had ran out of data and needed some more quicky, so I texted YES1 to the number that generates when you've run out of data. It explicitly said I would be getting 1GB of data for 15. But when I checked my account, I had been overcharged twice for that 1GB of data for a total of 30 dollars with tax.

That was last night, and I expected them to correct the issue on their own, but when I woke up to check if my money was there, it was still overcharged. I checked my account and I have 3GB of data on my plan which I didn't consent to, which makes it look like I asked for 3GB. Which I didn't.

I want my money back. What do I do?


Mayor / Maire

So you texted back once, but they added 3x 1GB data add-on's? And now you have 3GB of data on your account and have been charged $45 instead of $15 (for 1GB) that you intended? If I'm understanding that correctly, then you'll need to contact customer service as @Dunkman noted.



In this situation, you will need to contact customer service agent.  Click on the chat icon on the right lower corner of website and follow prompts to submit ticket. CSA wait times are longer than usually and it may take 1-2 days to respond. 

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