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Number not in service

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I cannot make outgoing calls and keep getting an error message of "this number is not in service." 

I've tried everything at this point. Would love some next steps here.



thanks @computergeek541 true, you are right

we have couple posts like this voice issue today.  at least 2 in  Ontario




Whenever someone is making an outgoing call and gets a number not in service messags about that phone number, this wouldn't be an issue wth connection to the network as the customer would need to be already be properly connected to the network to hear that message.


@himangi   are you on $15 plan with limited outgoing minutes?

Login to My Account using Incognito mode, confirm if the account status is active and if you have outgoing minutes left

if account status is suspended, make a manual payment to resume service

If you are out of minutes, buy extra minutes addon

if those are not the cause, try to reboot the phone.  Also, try your phone in another area as it could be just local network issue

You might want to change the phone's Perferred network or network mode to 3G Only (WCDMA) and see if the phone can connect at all.  If not, it is a local network problem

Mayor / Maire

HI @himangi  

Check Account status

try reboot the phone

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