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No network available

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hello wonderful community.
Can you please help?

I switched my SIM card from my old iphone to a new iphone & cannot text or call.

My phone settings show ’no network available’

but the carrier shows PublicMobile.

how do I fix this?

thank you



HI @SallyC 


If  you put your PM SIM in the old phone , it works without problem?

You tried to put sim from another carrier to see if it works


Also, try to update the Carrier profile via Wifi or via iTune




Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks for the helpful suggestions, it is not blacklisted so will persue the avenue of if it is locked by PM. Thanks again

Mayor / Maire

@SallyC   better to leave your discussion on your other thread you started earlier


check if the phone is blacklisted


Mayor / Maire


Check to see if your new phone is carrier locked. Go to Settings>General>About>Carrier Lock - if it is unlocked it will say No SIM restrictions.

If it is locked, you will need to check check contact the carrier listed.

Mayor / Maire

@SallyC is it a used phone? if it is try  your IMEI number at to see if it's blacklisted 


Mayor / Maire

Is new phone have a dual sim slot ? Try sim in different sim slot.