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No internet connection

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I bought the US roaming add on with 250mb data but it's saying no internet connection. What's up???


Mayor / Maire

@iamnopreacher Hi I assume you are stateside you need to manually connect to AT&T or T mobile

Mayor / Maire


As @RossN noted, you need to connect to AT&T or T-Mobile cell network.

What phone do you have so we can help you navigate on your phone?

If you can go to Settings>Cellular>Network Selection and manual click on one of the networks on an iPhone.

Mayor / Maire

@iamnopreacher   Try connecting to T-Mobile and AT&T and see which one works


Also, what kind of phone do you have? brand and model


And, do you see the Roaming data showing up in your My Data & addon section?  Buying addon is a 2 Steps process, 1. Load Fund 2. actual buying.  Some only completed step 1 and thought the purchase was completed.  Did you do step 2 as well?  

Mayor / Maire

@iamnopreacher Roaming addons are for use whilst in the USA only. 

Also, any type of addons only work on an Active public mobile plan. So ensure your plan is currently in Active status.


US Roaming Help Article for review: U.S. Roaming (


Mayor / Maire

@iamnopreacher   Just to add another point, roaming and data is enabled on your phone?  Try rebooting as well.