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No call service

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have been unable to make or receive calls for the past week. I live in Thornbury On. I opened a claim and was told that the problem was external. Is anyone else experiencing this? I don’t know who to contact to get an update. 


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Service should be back to normal.  I understand there was an issue with the service off a new tower Bell activated across from Lora Bay a few weeks ago.  Telus/Public Mobile must purchase service from other tower owners sometimes, or mostly, I don't know, but something was interfering with reliable service, especially the 3G network.  Anyhow, all seems to be working properly again in Thornbury.  Wonder if we can expect an account credit for the 3 weeks of interupted service?

Hi @NCousin the 5 bars you see is for LTE network but PM uses 3G network for voice.


I believe PM is aware of the local issue there, but still open a ticket with them, more people open more tickets, hopefully will push them for quicker fix 



at :

First type Contact,
then select the only choice there: "Contact..",
from the list of , choose "Other"
finally click link the blue link about submit a ticket
Another page will open and just follow: .

After ticket is submitted, make sure to check your Community Inbox(top right corner envelope icon) periodically for response from PM


If you have problems submitting a ticket, you can open ticket by private message (but this can take longer):



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Yes same problem since Wednesday last week and today Sunday 26 Feb no service anywhere in Thornbury ON, and yet iPhone shows 5 bars.  However go 4 or 5 km out of town any direction (east, west & south) service is great. It must be a tower signal issue and not your phone. I hope they fix it soon I live near Thornbury as well and if I can’t get a signal it will be a problem and maybe a different service. 

@Susannalamy wrote:

I tried your suggestion and switched to 3G but there was no difference.

When you switched your phone to 3G service, did you still have a connection for data and texting? If not, the reason behind this test is to see if there is a 3G outage in your area. With Public Mobile, LTE supports texting and data, and 3G mode support texting, data, and voice calls. With no 3G coverage, you would lose the ability to make or receive calls, even if you have good LTE service.

@dmrocque then it is an issue with the network towers around you.   Oepn a ticket with 9M support and make sure they are aware of the issue, and hopefully they cam provide you an ETA


No worry, this thing happens to any carrier, Rigers will have its turn and yiu can laugh louder 🙂

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have tried all of the resets, restarts, sim card and setting changes suggested and nothing has worked.  It is actually the 4 public mobile users of my household that are having the same issue and my wife is laughing at us as she's with Rogers still.

@Susannalamy  it is good they confirm there is issue.  Don't hesitate, message them for update.  But it is true that it could take long for some site to coms back 😞

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin



Thank you for replying.  I have tried all of your suggestions but there is no change.


My Status is active and Public Mobile says that the site serving the area has issues but that was a week ago and I've had no update since, despite reaching out.


Texting and data work.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

No, unfortunately not!  If I hear anything else, I will let you know.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Thank you for replying.


I can call and receive calls as soon as I leave Thornbury.  Other Public Mobile users are experiencing the same problem here.  


I tried your suggestion and switched to 3G but there was no difference.




I have tried to reconnect with the ticket that was opened last week but there's been no response.  I opened a second ticket today regarding the issue but haven't had a response yet.



Please try to change your Preferred network or network type to 3G Only (or WCDMA).  Check if the phone connects at to the network at all under the settings


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi Susannalamy, I'm in Thornbury as well and lost voice call service about a week ago too.  Texts incoming and outgoing still good and data service still good.  Just looking into the issue now.  Have you resolved yours?


Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

@Susannalamy  can you try your sim in another phone and a different sim in your phone.  That might help isolate an issue. Hardware vs network etc


@Susannalamy   Try change your Preferred network or network type to 3G Only (or WCDMA).  Check if the phone connects at to the network at all under the settings.  If it does not connect after changing to 3G, then yes, there is a problem with 3G network where you are. 


And can you make and receive calls if you use the phone in another area?


You said you open a ticket and was told the problem was external, did they tell you it will be fixed soon? any ETA?


Mayor / Maire

@Susannalamy - Can you elaborate:

  1. by 'claim' do you mean ticket?
  2. and by 'external' do you mean network?


Check for outages in your area: 

Mayor / Maire



Does your texting and data work?


When you log into self-serve what does the status say? You can also check this by dialing 611 which will give you an audio messaging about status.


Try resetting Network connections, rebooting your device, toggling Airplane Mode on and off, and removing your SIM card and trying it in a different device to see if calling works. 

Mayor / Maire


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