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Need a new request for a port

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

When I ported my number from Rogers to Public Mobile my phone was broken and I didn’t receive the text message from Rogers to validate the porting of my number so they cancelled the port. Now they want Public Mobile to send another request to them so they can complete the port. Is this possible?


Mayor / Maire


You sure can. Do you have a working phone to put your Roger's Sim card in to recieve the PAT ( porting authorization text) from Roger's and reply YES within 90 minutes of reviewing it?


Give the telus rep your Roger's account #, full name on your account and your phone number to reinitiate your port request.


Welcome to Public Mobile!

Mayor / Maire

@JSJ hi I will send you the number to reinitiate port request, check your community envelope 

Mayor / Maire

@JSJ   I'll private message you the Telus Porting # to call and they will ask Rogers to resubmit the transfer request.  The old account needs to stay active and your old SIM in your phone in order to be able to respond to the transfer request.


Check your message box top right for the number.