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Missing 1$ every renewal

Mayor / Maire

Is it just me or is other people noticing that on renewal night when public mobile applies the refferal credits and loyalty credits there's always 1$ from somewhere missing?   I have 4 accounts with alot of refferals and 4 years of loyalty and the last few months on renewal night it applies all credits except 1$.   1$ isn't much but on 4 accounts every month it adds up.  Example is The night it renews  I look at my referrals and there's 20, the  morning after it renews I look again and there's 20 but when I look at payments it only applies 19.  Or sometimes it's the 4$ loyalty it will only apply 3$.  I'm just wondering if anyone noticed that in the last few months 


Mayor / Maire


the scenario you're describing is a glitch when a referrals renewal date is the same as yours. this happened to me before. 

Mayor / Maire

The other night I saw taxes owing. Just taxes. It knew rewards were covering the plan and then looked for all the world like it was going to charge just the taxes of the plan. Then it cleared up.

This site is so messed up.

Mayor / Maire

@GR    Yeah, that is weird that you are seeing different information hours apart.  PM certainly has too many bugs in the system which very rarely seem to get fixed it seems.


Also odd that your referral list doesn't show a temp. suspension, because my list of referrals stays intact even if one is suspended and the only one (or two) to drop off the list were because they left as I do remember getting a text from PM letting me know I would have less RAF reward because they had left PM. 


Though, that might be because I have few RAF's in the first place..  😊

Mayor / Maire

@GR - if you know there is for sure an error and you are not getting rewarded take screenshots and give them to CSA. They will just give you the generic answer unless you can back up the details with proof.

Mayor / Maire

I'll keep an eye on it.  The loyalty just happened once but the refferal happened to every renewal in the last month.  I know sometimes if a refferal is suspended or didn't pay you lose it for a while  but it doesn't show up in your list of refferals.

So I figure if I ask an agent about it they'll probably say one of your refferals was suspended.  I just find it weird that in the evening they're all there and first thing in the morning they're all there but during the night 1 disappears just long enough during the renewal! 

Mayor / Maire

@GR   That's odd if it keeps happening and I get the RAF credit can/does change if one or more of those referrals suspend temporarily but the last four digits still remain in your list, however, your loyalty reward shouldn't change unless it increases due to another anniversary.


I'd agree and suggest you ask support as to what is going on and we know PM has many bugs in the system theses days, unfortunately..

Mayor / Maire

@GR  I don’t have issues with rewards at the moment but funny thing is I had $5 community reward for December and since renewed Jan 24 and test $5 still shows for next rebel and yet Jan rewards haven’t been applied yet so there are some strange things going on for sure it seems because I’m not the only one right now with same thing with community rewards 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

For referrals they sometimes appear to get into a state where they aren't active, they are shown as one of your referrals but you don't earn a reward for them. I'm not sure if they are temporarily suspended or something.

Mayor / Maire

HI@GR   I am ok.  I don't think I have any problem with the rewards


you check payment history, you see the correct rewrds showing there?  but just the final amount they apply was wrong?


open ticktet with CS agent, show them screenshot for proof

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