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Long Distance charge?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have a Canada wide unlimited minutes but was charged for long distance when using it. Help?


Mayor / Maire

What do you mean 'you were charged for long distance call'?

Just not possible as PM does not have a price list for 'long distance'. All calls are free - included in your plan.

Mayor / Maire


you can ignore the message "long distance charges MAY apply". They don't apply to pre-paid service such as what you and I subscribe to with PM.

With PM, there will be no overage costs later on. You pre-pay ahead...when you run outta calling minutes, you must eith get a calling add-on for $5 OR wait until next regular plan renewal.

Also...have a look at your add-ons to see maybe you have some minutes that were gifted to us last December....








If you do have some gifted add-on minutes, they'll get used if you do run outta regular plan minutes.plan.jpg

Mayor / Maire



Is it possible what you mean is that your outgoing calling minutes were reduced by the duration of your call?


If you are on the $15 plan, then yes, outgoing calls would reduce your calling allotment by the length of the call, but you’re not charged extra for making or receiving telephone calls - you either have the availability to use it or you don’t.



Mayor / Maire



What site or information were you relying upon that caused you to believe you were being charged for the long distance calls you were making?


Can you screenshot them and post them here? [making sure to remove sensitive personal information as this is a public site.]

Mayor / Maire

@Gennaro  You shouldn’t have a surprise bill PM is prepaid service so you can only use what you have already paid for .. if you have a charge that dosent make sence only support can credit you 

Getting support / submit ticket


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@Gennaro   PM is prepaid service provider and you won't get charge extra for using something you don't have


You might get a message saying you are calling a long distance call when you call Canada.  Just add 1 in front of the 10 digits.  If you see hear that recording, then try reboot the phone


Of course, if you call US or international, you need proper Long Distance add on.  But calling Canada, no worry

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