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Is this a new and disappointing change!!?? Only 2 years of history vs history from day 1?????

Mayor / Maire

Screen Shot 2023-01-28 at 10.49.28 AM.png


It’s a running total and can’t be bothered with resetting the total formula every month. I think there could be a few methods to make it match but to me, it’s the total I am looking for. So I will run with my total. 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Maybe I'm just lucky? 

@CountyDownIeUk wrote:

My numbers don’t match. I will continue to record but just have to accept they will no longer match. 

@CountyDownIeUk - even over the 3 month period they don't match? Is it in all categories, or just your ongoing RAF category?


Yes I too, all keep my accounts in a spreadsheet. Although, it is a bit more onerous with the new My Account, but doable.

Mayor / Maire

@CountyDownIeUk   Last time I check didn't have the past 24 months thing.  Really, how hard to keep full history of the savings.  Oh well, what can we do.

My numbers don’t match. I will continue to record but just have to accept they will no longer match. 

Mayor / Maire

@CountyDownIeUk - I don't go to this section very often. But I just checked my 3 months history and mine matched up.


Grant it, it does still say :

"Total Savings (past 24 months)"

But the filter is for 3 months matches exactly.


You are saying your 24 months does not match what you think it should be? Or, do you have other filters selected.

I kind of dread saying the $ side being downgraded, information wise, to the points side? As the “fixed” issue of the imbalance of referrals numbers vs dollars on the points side was done by eliminating showing the xxx-xxx-xxxx numbers. Currently I can track who I lose and who has changed their number. For those that wonder....I only keep records.....I never contact any one. And I know what my rate of retention is as well. 

I just thinking  back a bit. Was not the payment download broken? Then fixed? Are they dangerously upgrading on a live system. And no notification from PM. Now history is clearly marked “past 24 months” . I would say it’s permanent and a cost savings measure. But unannounced....and  @Tsawwassen wonders why some of us get pi$$ed off. 


PM makes unannounced changes but screws up on RAF payments and then you are put through the wringer by a CSA to get it fixed. Or maybe not fixed. And customers on the $ rewards side have the tools available to research while on the points side cannot. Then there becomes a lack of trust situation. Where does common sense start or end? Is there any justification of expenditures?  Are expenditures supposed to improve the product and customer service and have an expectation of cost reduction over a period of time.....or only a short sighted cost reduction only?



Mayor / Maire


I noticed this a week ago or so.....I can't remember where I commented about it? The numbers don't add up at's completely useless information now.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@CountyDownIeUk  Think this maybe a glitch, or just way it is now for good ?

I have tracked my account in Excel since day one....numbers no longer match. 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@CountyDownIeUk  Uh huh noticed that myself just couple days ago definitely a bummer not sure why .

Mayor / Maire

Yup, afraid so.