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I'm starting to understand now more and more....

Mayor / Maire

I have a referral here who signed up, put all the information in she needed, then it sent the 6 2FA to her email, put in the 6 and then says let's continue signing up. She clicks on it and it goes back to log in. It's just been a vicious cycle over and over again. I can see why folks complain about Public Mobile's website and how crappy it is.

I've cleared her cache multiple times, I've tried other browsers, I've tried incognito mode, everything I can throw at it. The funny part is when she signed up it went to the correct email address. The code goes to the correct email address. But when her email address comes up it shows the first letter which is correct with a bunch of stars then the last is a letter which is incorrect as it should be a number. Go figure.

I've sent in a ticket to a CS Agent to help resolve. Unless anyone here can think of anything else to help me help her sign in to finish signing up??


haha @Chalupa_Batman 

thanks, and happy that it is all setup now  🙂


You could have picked anyone. Our lovely customers do that all the time. Skip over perfectly fine answers and choose one further along. Or simply the last answer. So pick me 🙂

You don't know how hard it is to give a solution to @hTideGnow HAHAHAHA. Kidding. Thanks again.

It is now. LOL. She's all signed up. Thanks to all my brothers and sisters in the forum!!

We happy to hear it I didn’t mention app because I thought it was a given here now 

Mayor / Maire

Update. App works. Geesh. Too funny. Now I'm just picking her number. Thanks guys. I will know this moving forward. 

HI @JRod I agree they should just ask everyone to use the app and not allow browser activation


Also be aware that the app will shell out some parts to the default browser. So you want to make sure that browser is clean and open.
Yes, while you can start the sign up on the web site, it needs to be finished on the app. I have to concede defeat on this point and agree that it's preferable to use the app the whole way. Only because the systems are such crap that the problem points need to be minimized.

@Chalupa_Batman wrote:

No the website. I guess we can try the app. Will let you know.

When stuck in this infinite do loop, using the app will fix things provided the app is running on a different device.  The app does seem to leverage the default browser.  

Mayor / Maire

@Chalupa_Batman  The only thing I’ve found works I that case is to reset password even thou your using the same password then get code sent to email verify change password to the very same password again or different at that point go log again using same new password LOL very convoluted I know , but then it should send code again but to phone this time verify and you should be logging in 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville


They’ve changed it with the new system that all activations have to be done through the app. The website can only take you so far in the signup process before you hit that login loop. They should really update the site to inform customers that they should then go to that app to complete the next steps. 

If your friend encounters any issues they have setup a newer resource specifically to assist new customers with the signup process:


HI @Chalupa_Batman 

need to use the app for activation.  And always ask everyone to start it on the app.  I notice if people start on the browser, many have trouble to log back in when trying to use the app to finish the activation


No the website. I guess we can try the app. Will let you know.

Mayor / Maire

HI @Chalupa_Batman she got stuck at the activation  and account not activated yet?

did she use the app?

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