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I can't make calls to Canada from the US??

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Mayor / Maire


your Public Mobile account will only allow calls while you're in Canada...unless you pre-paid for a US Roaming add-on for use whilst in USA. You should be able to recieve texts from Canada while in just won't be able to send texts.

Mayor / Maire

@CraigB1 if you did purchase a USA Roaming addon, ensure your public mobile account is active. Addons will only work on active accounts.

If proper addon is purchased and your account is active, try restarting your phone, or reset your network settings on your device, this sometimes help get connected to the proper network.

Mayor / Maire

@CraigB1  You can with a U.S roaming add on 

Mayor / Maire

HI@CraigB1   You can't, unless you bought the US roaming addon ahead

the Long distance addon you might have bought or got from PM  as bonus are to be used for calls originated from  Canada to overseas.  When you are in US, you need to have the US roaming addon

Mayor / Maire

Did you buy a talk roaming add-on bundle? Do you have the old $60 roaming plan? Did you dial with the 1 in front?

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