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How to work out may payment?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi All,

Been a customer since 2016 and on a grandfathered plan, so I think that is why My plan makes no sense. I want a bill to see how much I was charged, to work out if my plan needs to be changed, etc. Anyway when I log into my account this is what I am shown (i cannot post as a table sorry, html is throwing up errors):


Unlimited Provincial Talk/Appels Illimités dans la Province
$51.00 $0.00
Unlimited International Text/Messagerie texte à l'International
$45.00 $51.00
12GB Data/Données 12 Go
$125.00 $96.00
Fall 2016 Promo/Offre de l’automne 2016 $126.00
90-day plan/Forfait de 90 jours
$25.00 $95.00
Reward - Refer-a-Friend ($1 per active friend) /Récompense - Référez-un-ami (1 $ par ami actif) $3.00
eward - Loyalty Recognition/Récompense - Reconnaissance de Fidélité $15.00
AutoPay Reward $6.00
Automatic Top-Up/Réapprovisionnements auto. $96.00


Anyone got any idea what the bill amount would be based on this?


Accepted Solutions

Mayor / Maire


The fall 2016 promo was made using the build your own plans model so once bundled they applied a discount so the transaction history is confusing. Heres the original announcement for reference.

View solution in original post


Mayor / Maire

@pussingtonp   post a screenshot instead of copy and past the text, it will be easier to see


I think you have a $125 /90 days play for 12 GB and Unlimited International text and Provincial Talk 

You might have full LTE speed for your data.  


But if you don't care the data speed, you should change to the $35 for 3GB per 30 days plan (cheaper but 1GB less every 30 days compare with your current plan)

or you should change to the $40 for 5GB per 30 days (same price but 1GB more data per 30 days then your current plan)


Both $35 and $40 plan will give you unlimited Canada-Wide calling instead of Provincial calling

Mayor / Maire


You are on the Fall 2016 promo. It should be $120/90 days minus rewards($30)=$90/90 days So it doesn't make sense for your card to be charged $120. Unless pm has finally decided to try and raise the price again now that they have started with the $10 plan up 30% to $13.

@pussingtonp  Please go back to capture a screenshot from 

Plan details page:


and from transaction log

Maybe capture the last 2 recent renewals  (like this current one and the one 3 months ago)


Capture and post the picture screenshots, not text copy and paste


With that, we can better understand what happening

Mayor / Maire

@pussingtonp you have 3 referrals or 1 referral? And the top up charge was $96? If so then that is correct.

Mayor / Maire

@pussingtonp hi from what I can make out you have a pretty good plan except maybe the provincial talk, if that doesn't mean anything to you I would stay with what you have besides all the free goodies you probably have it;s more than likely that you have lots of long distance already,as for an invoice, contact customer service


1.  you can open a ticket through Simon here


2. alternatively you can private message them here

check your community envelope for a reply


is this the actual order when you check Transaction log?


Unlimited Provincial Talk/Appels Illimités dans la Province                              $51.00      $0.00
Unlimited International Text/Messagerie texte à l'International                         $45.00      $51.00
12GB Data/Données 12 Go                                                                              $125.00    $96.00
Fall 2016 Promo/Offre de l’automne 2016                                                        $126.00    $221.00
90-day plan/Forfait de 90 jours                                                                          $25.00     $95.00
Automatic Top-Up/Réapprovisionnements auto.                                               $96.00      $120.00
Reward - Loyalty Recognition/Récompense - Reconnaissance de Fidélité      $15.00     $24.00
Reward - Refer-a-Friend ($1 per active friend)                                                  $3.00       $9.00
AutoPay Reward                                                                                                $6.00     $ 6.00

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Trying to reply somewhere in this thread, apparently technology is not my friend, I believe I have 1 friend referal, and I was indeed charged 96 + tax, so that makes sense! I was trying to do the math and work it out.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks! I decided to just go and compare plans and I don't think i can do any better given the free bonuses I have, I have 1500 international / long distance minutes, and a bonus 3GB of data each bill cycle, so I think I'm actually doing ok!

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Yes, somebody better at fomatting that me, you are correct @softech. Look's like the line "Automatic Top-Up/Réapprovisionnements auto.  $96.00" is the only part I need to worry about and that's going to be the amount, +tax charged