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Re: Public Mobile Website Changes

Love it! I always found the font to be a bit fuzzy on my external monitor but looking crisp now after the refresh. Great job and keep it coming!

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Re: Public Mobile Website Changes

I really wish the transaction history could be updated to be more clear.  I just don't get why there needs to be all kinds of credits applied.  Just list our plan and what we pay.  It's hard to make sense of sometimes

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Re: Public Mobile Website Changes

@shaner82 It's a bit confusing but it does accurately reflect the reality of how the plans are set up and how the billing works.  You might be right that they may be showing too much detail and could simplify it a bit.  


Let me illustrate how this works with this image from my own transaction history:



I'm using the above image because it contains a "top-up" credit at the end (which I will come back to in a bit), which is probably how most people will be paying for their renewals.


But mostly I will refer to this image from my second line.  This one is a "3G" test line that Public Mobile provided to the community oracles in order to test out the recently-introduced 3G data plans.  I'm using this example since it illustrates a currently-available plan, which I can compare to the plan selection page:




This one is paid for via a couple of payment vouchers (again I'll come back to the actual payment later).


I'm going to compare these lines to what you can see in the plan selector page.  Here is that same 3G plan in the plan selector page:




Okay so right off the bat, don't pay too much attention to the Balance column, except to note that it should end up at $0.00, as shown in the yellow box.  If that number ends up higher, it means you have credit left in your account toward your next renewal, or any add-on(s) you may wish to purchase.  That credit (if any) shows up in your self-serve account on the overview page as "Available Funds" [EDIT: Understanding Available Funds balance.].  My 3G line has a $4 available credit ($4 balance above), and my primary line has $0 for both.




Okay working top to bottom, the stuff in the red box is the details of your plan.  For my prmary line, it's provincial talk, international texting, 12GB of data, on a 90 day plan, in order of those 4 lines.  For my secondary line, it's provincial talk, international texting, 12GB+6GB bonus of 3G data, on a 90 day plan, though the order displayed is different (and not terribly important).


The numbers in the Debit column (red box, right side) in your transaction history represent the not-yet-discounted price for each of those services in the red box.  If someone was buying just ONE of those services, they would pay that amount for that service plus the 90 day pass (standard on all 90 day plans as a sort of base cost), without any further discounts.


If you add up all those debit numbers, the sum should equal the Plan cost (red box, bottom left) of the plan selector page.  So even though your plan may cost you $156+ tax (yellow box in the plan selector page image above), this is only after a $60 discount (cyan box) which I will come back to.  The "full price" of the plan is the red box Plan Cost.  Hopefully that's clear so far.


Now back to the cyan box.  Public mobile give you a discount when you choose either 2 of the 3 (talk, text, data) services, or all 3 services.  If you choose only two, you would see a "2 Choices" discount line as a credit, for the amount of $15 for the 90 days.  If you choose all 3 services, that discount becomes a "3 Choices" discount, in the amount of $60 for the 90 days.  You can see that amount as the Discount on the plan selector page (cyan box), and as the "3 Choices" credit in the transaction history on my secondary line.  My primary line shows this number a little differently, as "Fall 2016 Promo", since PM ran a promo then that increased the 3 choices credit from $60 to $126 on that specific plan.  However, the concept is the same, this is my 3 choices credit.  So this is a credit that PM has given me against the total Plan Cost (red box on plan selector page), to bring it down to the "Total (+ tax)" (orange box on the plan selector page) amount.


For my secondary line, this is the only credit I get.  If you look at my primary line, you can see additional credits in the green box.  For that line I have earlyed loyalty rewards by being a customer for more than 1 full year, referral rewards by referring friends to sign up with Public Mobile, AutoPay rewards by registering my credit card and having it automatically top up (coming back to that soon I promise!) for my renewals, plus finally a community reward for being an active (and hopefully helpful) community member here.  All of those are applied as credits to my account.


Now as promised we circle back to the payment or top-up amount.  If you take the total plan cost (red box) and subtract both the 2-choices/3-choices/promo credits (cyan box) and any earned rewards (green box), you get your total amount (+tax) that was due for you to pay for the renewal.  If you've signed up for AutoPay as noted above, like on my primary line, a credit card payment is automatically made for that due amount (+ taxes) overnight during my renewal, and the plan automatically renews.  On my secondary line, this payment was instead pre-credited to my account using payment vouchers, which you can purchase form a handful of local retailers and redeem in your self-serve account to apply the credit.  This is the purple line on both of my accounts, one paid by automatic top-up on my credit card (aka AutoPay), and the other via vouchers.  [You can also make a manual "top-up" payment on your credit card if you don't want to use AutoPay or payment vouchers.] At the end of that process, any money left over (aka the yellow Balance amount) is your Available Balance remaining in your account toward future renewals or add-on purchases.


Okay I think I've come full-circle now and covered all the areas of your transaction history and how they relate to your plan selection, your rewards (if any), and your top-up payments.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I'll do my best to address those.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Public Mobile Website Changes

@Jeremy_M , just noticing an issue today on the main landing page


When I click on the My Account option, it's not loading Self-Serve.


No issues from Community landing site.

Retraité / Retired

Re: Public Mobile Website Changes

Thanks for sharing @stonechucker. I don't seem to be having the same issue, it works for me. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?


Re: Public Mobile Website Changes

@Jeremy_M  @stonechucker

It loads fine for me.   (Using Chrome)

Re: Public Mobile Website Changes

@Jeremy_M, Still not working for me, using IE 11 (not by choice)




Not a plain My Account option, but the first sub-menu option on the main landing page. 


If I could try Chorme or Firefox I would... PC is locked down at work

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Public Mobile Website Changes

No issues with me.

Re: Public Mobile Website Changes

OK, @Jeremy_M, I discovered the issue.


I don't run IE11 in full screen.  WHen in full screen, I see the regular "My Account" button, and it works.


I run a smaller size IE 11 window due to the way I use accesibility software, and the My Account button doens't show, but an orange menu button does.  In the menu, it's the 1st option, which isn't working.


I hope this makes it easier to find the issue I'm speaking about.

Retraité / Retired

Re: Public Mobile Website Changes

Thank you @stonechucker, I passed along the details to our development team to action.