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Extra Public Mobile $28.00 charge on my Feb/Mar Amex credit card statement

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I pay for 3 accounts each month:

  I just received my latest Credit card statement ending on 13Mar2023, and I have an extra charge of $28.00 on 18Feb2023.  Not sure what this is for.  From the date, I assume it's regarding either my account or my husband's account, however when I login to both these accounts, I do not see any explanation for this extra charge.  Please help.


Mayor / Maire

@PmC2 - from all the personal information that seemed to be listed in your post, I feel you do not know that this is seen by all here on the public forum.

ALSO, that none of us here are public mobile representatives and have NO access to your accounts.


Please be careful what you post; there may be people out there that would use personal information you share here against you.


­­­Public Mobile Representatives customer support­­­ agents (CSA) can be contacted (PRIVATELY) by either two methods, found here:


You say, you checked yours and your husband's accounts in the payment history? I would also check your son's payment history here:


to see what is listed there.

Mayor / Maire

@BKNS27   I guess the $22.40 charge is a typo, probably a $20+tax = $22.40


@PmC2   the $28.00 = $25+ tax, which matched the tax rate of BC or Manitoba on all the charge above


While you said your payment posed around 18th or 19th of the month, i want to remind you PM is running on a 30 days cycle and NOT monthly, so the payment date would change  and won't stay static.


Also, with that $28 charge on Feb 18, any chance you made changes to one of the plans you have to $25 and you used "Change plan now"?


Can you login to all your accounts again using Incognito mode and confirm the payment history?  Yes, please use Incognito mode to login for each account to avoid cache issue which is a big problem with My Account site for now showing the proper/correct info


Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

This is a public community board so please don't post personal info here.  You should submit a ticket with a CS agent if you have billing issues.  Use the community when you have questions or want advice.  Hopefully you get this resolved soon.

Mayor / Maire


There is no $22 plan plus only 1.82% tax for your husband’s account.

There is a $25 plan plus 12.5% (BC GST & PST) = $28.40.

BTW, PM is on a 30 days cycle not monthly cycle so renewal date is shorten by a day approximately every 2 months.

Mayor / Maire

@PmC2 Somebody could be using your card without permission. If you didn't authorize the charge, call your bank and get the card number changed.