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Downloading Usage History

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am happy that Public Mobile has finally allowed us to download the Usage history.


But, the downloaded details of the usage history is missing the time of the message or phone call and the date is repeated twice

Here is example of the downloaded file, it says date and time but it shows the date twice.

Date/TimeUsage TypeDuration/Data UsageOriginating Phone NumberDestination Phone Number
Nov 22, 2022 Nov 22, 2022Incoming SMS1 Message1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx1 (438) 936-5552
Nov 22, 2022 Nov 22, 2022Outgoing SMS1 Message1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx1 (514) 898-8170


I hope this can be fixed.




Mayor / Maire

You are quite correct. Time is missing and date is repeated.

Interesting though is that time does appear but when looking at usage history on-line.

It does not hurt to contact agent and voice your suggestion. Most likely very, very little effort is needed to correct this bug.

Mayor / Maire

@edinez   Yup, it is frustrating that time is missing in the downloaded version of the usage history.  Some members voiced that concern, just not sure if it is on PM's to-do list


For now, if you really need the time for a particular entry, you have to go back and check the web version

And a reminder, the filter has glitch too.  You cannot just load the page and run filter, it will only filter you with 2 weeks of info.  If you have something more than 2 weeks, you have to click until you reach that date , then apply the filter.  Weird glitch