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Does Public Mobile try to remain competitive?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

The features offered by Fizz Mobile looks enticing.  Many are the same.  But the one I really like is that your unused data rolls over to the next month.


Mayor / Maire

If you reside in Quebec or the Ottawa region then depending on your needs Fizz is a competitive option. Their rewards program is a little complicated but they have lucrative referrals, a good community, data after 2gb is $1/1gb til you hit the bigger plans and they have true grandfathered sneaky 30% rate hikes! I see they have enabled VoLTE for their customers and can offer seamless roaming in the US for only $4 extra a month on your plan. They offer quite a few other extras for about the same no frills price we pay....well most customers pay at public mobile. They don't offer the $0 bill but nor does pm really anymore?

Mayor / Maire

Looking at cheapest plan with NO calls at all, no data, only SMS = $18. Not interested nor looking at more expensive plans.

PM has all I need for $15 not counting rewards. Sorry, not interested.


@TechGeek , Fizz operates in QC which has a higher level of competition.  I would say this much, vote with your wallet, go where the deals are instead of trying to force the issue with the competition.  They will understand when they see who is getting all the rents so to speak.  

Mayor / Maire

HI @TechGeek 


Fizz is just a regional carrier.

I think PM was doing good on Black Friday.  They keep coming out new stuff to match others.  I never see PM did that much on a single weekend. 

Mayor / Maire


Data add ons is where Public Mobile has one up on the other providers. The data add ons here roll over and don't expire until there all used up. It's a great perk.