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Does Public Mobile have a 3 GB/month plan in Ontario?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

On the Public Mobile website I noticed a plan that seems to have 3 GB/month ( Out of curiosity I took a look in my account and noticed that if I were to switch to the "same" plan through my account it's only got 1 GB/month.

Is Public Mobile playing games and only providing new customers with a 3 GB/month plan? Am I misreading their website (& they're playing games 🙂 ) and they provide 3 GB/3 months on the website? Or, is there a mistake and they should be providing existing customers with a 3 GB/month plan after all?

The reason I ask is that I see the writing on the wall for Public Mobile for me (us).

Now that I have been forcibly transitioned to the "new" points rewards system there is little keeping me at PM. Recently I got used to using **a lot** more data than 250 MB (1 to 1.5 GB/month). Once all my existing data packs run out (about 8 GB worth, including 1 GB from the "bonus" 5 GB gifted upon the transition... yes, I almost never used up my 250 MB/month before this year) I'll need to upgrade to a much beefier plan.

Sadly, at 2 to 3 GB/month PM is not cost competitive with either Freedom Mobile (whose coverage has improved dramatically in recent years) and Fizz. A 3 GB/month plan at $19/month would keep me in the Public Mobile fold but not 1 GB/month :(.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I'm in Toronto so I'm well within their base coverage area. Plus, wifi calling would be a HUGE plus for me at work where I'm in a cell phone dead zone for much of the day. And, wifi calling would also solve the whole problem of getting 2fa SMS when abroad. When my data is all used up with PM I may try Freedom Mobile for a month just to see what they're like before committing.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

If freedom mobile works in you area, you can port to freedom yearly plan $149 for 30GB per year, which equal to $12.5 2.5 GB per month.


One of my managed $15 accounts luckily did get the promo text for $21 for 3GB, with the option for 90 day version for $19/30 day ($57/90 days).  I did response "yes" to that account.  A few weeks later got another text offer $22/30days for 6GB data.  I am debating on whether to response "yes" to this promo text.  Rarely go over 1-2 GB per month, but may be nice to get extra 3GB for additional $3/month.  

Public mobile wants to entice the $15 customers to higher price plans.  If you are patient, you will likely get a similar text promo. Timeline unknown though.  

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

The phone number(s) are rather important to me. We've had them for 13+ years. I guess a port out to SpeakOut and back again would be an option if customer service isn't receptive to providing customer service :).

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you @Dunkman. I've received some offers for ridiculous amounts of data so I've never bit. I guess when the time comes I'll ask a customer service agent and otherwise I'll be switching to Freedom's 1 year plan (which works nicely for my data usage levels and is incredibly cheap to boot) or Fizz's plans.

It's a shame that Public Mobile pulled this stunt of denying existing customers access to a publicly available plan--I've been loyal to PM because I always perceived them to be honest brokers, not prone to the petty games that Bell or Rogers play.

Heck, they even allowed the legacy rewards system to exist side-by-side with their new and much worse rewards system for nearly two years.



Unfortunately, the 3GB plan is only for new activations (not existing customers).

However, some $15 plan users have gotten a promo text offering this plan.  Targeted offer.  YMMV.  If you are patient, you may get this text offer in the next round of promo texts.  

Other option is that you can try to contact customer service agent to see whether they can manually upgrade your plan to the 3GB plan.  Again, YMMV.  Some existing customers have had success while others have been denied. 

Mayor / Maire

Hello @Alpha_ghetti 

As you've seen, there is a 3GB plan available but only to new customers. If you REALLY want this plan, there are a few ways of looking at it. Do you care about your phone number? If not, start a new account and dump this one. Or if you want this number, port out to another provider then port back in. Those sadly are the only options.

Sorry, but to answer the question in your title, there is no 3GB plan that is available to all existing customers.

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