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Deleted voicemails

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I want to listen to a deleted voicemail that expired from the 10 days.

It was someone close to me that passed away, and I'm trying to recover it. And I want to know if I can recovery the audio recording.


Mayor / Maire

PM cannot recover deleted vmails.

Usually voice mail systems have an option to save messages in a 'folder'. Do not know about PM as I blocked all vmails. Sick of spammers...

Mayor / Maire

@sk7   Yes once you delete them then you won't be able to recover those messages but I know you have a chance before the 10 days is up to keep that message for another 10 days but you need to access the voicemail message and follow the prompts to do that prior to the expiry date unfortunately.  

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@sk7  I don’t think you can unfortunately but I’m hoping someone jumps in here and says otherwise, and sorry for your loss @sk7 

Mayor / Maire

@sk7   sorry, for your loss


For VM, once it is deleted, it is deleted.  There is no way to recover.  The system just don't have the way to recover and PM support is unable to help with that too