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Cheapest way to make my phone work

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi friends,

my plan expired today and I don’t have enough money to renew my normal monthly plan. Is there any way to make my phone work again with the $5 credit I still have, and 29 points?


Mayor / Maire

H@Shy-guy   i am not sure if you have enough time to redeem your points. Try to redeem 15 ponts for $15, then you will have enough money to reativate a $15 plan

Redeem the points now, I was told it is quick.  

If you see the $15 in your account, then go to change subscription and make the plan change to $15 , if you are not on the $15 plan yet

Mayor / Maire

Convert 15 of those points to the account balance and change to the $15 plan. This would be problematic if you have a plan that is no longer available and you would rather keep it.

Mayor / Maire


cheapest plan is the $15 plan...with a $5 credit, that's $10 you need to come up with to renew the plan for 30 days.

If your regular plan expires, you have 90 days grace to re-up your plan. After 90 days it's gone for good.

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