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Chatbot submission is down

Mayor / Maire



Wonder when it will be up, any ETA?


We are currently experiencing an issue with our ticket submission form.





Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I find it annoying that when it comes to the sales page can speak with a CSA within minutes during the right hours usually and the chat icon seems continually available when you are looking at marketing info  but become a customer and all of a sudden  finding a CSA is like trying to pull teeth .

I realize the level of skill may vary  between the different CSA's but the message that is sent by this difference in care is not very flattering to PM  ...IMHO

I haven't  been paying attention here for a while ... are you still finding that whenever there is a marketing push on  that the after care here for  regular customers hits the toilet or starts glitching ?

Speaking from personal experience and after reading some of the spats of the past, @XionBunny , folks  'staying in their own bubbles'  is sometimes due to some not wanting to be hooked by others.


It's the old ignore the bully tactic.


This comment is not directed at anyone in particular - however i'm certain there's familiarity among some. 





Confirmed by PM Management. Private message CSA for now,


Time line on fix is unknown. Public mobile will make announcement when more information is made available. 


As with other regulars, noticed delay in ticket response times since the weekend. Informed Public mobile earlier. 



Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Folks tend to stay in their own bubbles here it seems, your post on the issue was informative, I know when I was lurking reading posts I was thankful you posted your personal experience.

Mayor / Maire

What am I? Chopped liver? I pointed this out earlier.

Just keep suggesting people to use private message. Support will figure it out wondering why everything is coming in via pm.

Mayor / Maire

Well that's not good, @softech 


You'd think they'd institute a temporary-use phone number in instances like this.   Seems only right when members may NEED customer support.


I mean, they are a mobile phone provider, they could probably spare a number... 🤔

@HALIMACS   I was able to submit a ticket earlier today but no one reply still, so it could be down for awhile already


Mayor / Maire

Great question, @softech 


Any thoughts, @CS_Agent  @Ck_PM @J_PM  as to when the chatbot ticketing process will be remedied?