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Cannot reset password for new account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

We are trying to get an account sorted out for my wife. We need to reset the password to get into the account (bc she forgot it).

I've tried *dozens* of times to get the code sent for reset, but it never comes. Not in the spam folder. Nada. Never shows up. We've been waiting for >3 hours now. I've tried all of the browser tricks.

I've tried submitting a ticket, but I need a phone number to do so. I'm trying to activate the account's SIM card. In order to get a phone number, I need to activate the SIM. In order to activate the SIM, I need into the account. I cant get into the account b/c the password reset isnt working. I can't submit a ticket b/c I dont have a phone number.

What is this total nonsense?!

Is there a way to speak to an *actual* person to get help with this?


Mayor / Maire


When you Activate the new SIM, you have an option to pick a new number or port your old number from another carrier. 
Once you complete page 4 (payment section)…you created an account. 
Then you can access your accounts with your email address and password you created during the activation process.

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Does your wife not have service on her phone? You can get the code sent via text message. You can also pay and reactivate via the 611/IVR system or call 1 855 4PUBLIC and enter the 10 digit phone number. Payments can be made with the card on file if you know the 4 digit account pin #. Otherwise pay with a pm voucher that can be purchased at local retailers or online from


Here is info on alternative forms of payment....


Edit: your wife a new customer? If you haven't activated the Sim card then there is no account to log into....? The pm store account is not related to a customers self serve account. It gets created during activation when you also choose a phone number.

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@SuicideRabbit   when you submit the ticket, you can try to use the 4 digits PIN instead of My Account login


but if you don't remember the 4 digits pin , either, just message PM suppor to open the ticket then;

**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on the top right) after the ticket is opened.  CS Agent will reply to you there