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Can two debit and/or credit cards be added to an account?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

1) Can two (or more) debit and/or credit cards be added to an account for automatic to-up each month?


2) If so, can the customer set one card for the first partial payment (of the amount owed), up to whatever balance is available on that card, and set another card from which the remainder (of what is owed) will then be automatically paid?


3) If so, how does one do this?


   If this is possible, then the balance available on the first card can be used to pay the first portion of the invoice amount, then the second card would be used to pay the remainder of what is owed (for that month).  This is useful if somebody wants to put as much as possible on an account with a lower interest rate and only whatever is left on the higher interest rate card or if a person has some money left on a credit gift card and wants to use that balance first (because the credit card company will begin charging monthly fees after a year or two if there is money left on the account or there is very little left on one card, for examples).


   It is also for the purpose of setting up automatic payment to earn the bonus money for doing so.


  Please do not copy and paste this post (or part of it) before responding.  It's already here for everybody to read so there is no need to duplicate it elsewhere just to make more data clutter.  Thanks for your cooperation.


   Thank you in advance to anybody who can answer these questions and provide clear directions about how to do this. Your help is appreciated.


Mayor / Maire


No...not really anymore. Previously before the new self serve accounts were rolled out you could make manual top up payments of a minimum of $1. So you could make up to 2 top up payments per hour up to the amount desired and set one final payment card for autopay to pay the remaining balance if needed. Now this can only be done if there is enough funds in your account balance to cover your plan amount so that you could then make a minimum $1 payment.....but that would be a moot point?!! So no you cannot set a default card to the payment card on file registered for autopay (or w/autopay disabled).

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Word-Nerd @No just one card at a time , but if you’re trying to do this to split the bill for whatever reason . One could change credit card info and make a top up payment for half the bill and then change the credit info back I suppose 

Mayor / Maire

@Word-Nerd no, only one card.  PM cannot help with partial payment from 2 cards


your best bet is to buy vouchers from stores yourself, using different cards if you need, and then load the multiple vouchers onto your account before the renewal date.  But it requires manual effort and you need to do this before renewal date

Mayor / Maire


Sorry but you can only have one credit or debit card registered for an account.

You can't have two at the same time.

Mayor / Maire

Only ONE credit card (or visa/MC debit - NOT 'plain' debit) could be at one PM account.

One credit card can be used to pay bill on multiple accounts, though.