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Calling Issues.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Three days ago I Referred two Friends who left Roger's and Joined Public Mobile - One of them had an iPhone 11 and one had a 256GB Dual SIM Samsung S21 Ultra (a European Model.)

These individuals live sort of rural and need a Cell Booster in they're home in order to get proper service or use Data.  Both Ports we're successful and incoming + outgoing calls and texts worked on both of the new Public SIMs and both Devices before they left my place in the city.

Everything is fine for the iPhone 11, however on the Samsung S21 in the same house she can only Text and use Data when at home.. whenever she tries to make a call it says 'Couldn't Connect' and anytime anyone tries to call her it goes straight to Voicemail.


It gets at best two bars of service at a time, but still won't make or receive calls when at home. - When she goes into a Town or comes into the city calling is fully operational. It won't get LTE or 5G, only 4G- and even if I change the Network mode this doesn't make a difference.

It also shows all the bars grayed out sometimes, like it shouldn't have reception but SMS Texting still works and it still says 'Public Mobile' with 0 bars.


I suggested she try the SIM Card in her old Samsung S10e, which has the same problem with.. since the iPhone 11 worked with the other plan, I recommend to try the SIM Card in there and even though it works with the Public SIM they took out of the iPhone 11, it won't work to call with hers for some odd reason.

I've tried adjusting all the APN Settings according to the Public Mobile Website, I have done a Network Settings Reset, Customer Support has done a Reset and Reconfiguration from there end and nothing seems to be working.

How does Plan 1 work in the iPhone 11 but Plan 2 won't work with the iPhone 11 in the same place. I've been battling this issue for 3 days, I really don't want to have to send them back to Roger's.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Mayor / Maire

@Priority that's a lot of good additional info which will help us narrow things down.

On the Samsung S21, are you able to dial *#2263# or *#0011# to get into the special menus.

The former will allow you to selectively enable/disable frequency bands, while the latter will show you what bands your phone is using at any given time. When you're not in Inwood and calls are working, make a phone call on the S21 and then get into the *#0011# menu and post a screenshot of your signal details. We need to know that band the phone is on for voice calls.

What options are listed under *#2263# for both SIM slots under LTE and WCDMA?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Data works both before on LTE/4G and 3G, as well as texting but calling still will not. 

Since the Samsung S21 Ultra also doesn't make the VoLTE List, would the Samsung S22 Ultra be capable of VoLTE? (The S21 Ultra user might consider trading it back in and paying the difference for an S22 Ultra, if that would work.)

They have an iPhone 8 in need of a new screen, maybe I'll replace that for them and that will solve the iPhone 7 issue since they can upgrade it and use the 8 instead.



iPhone 7 does not make it to the VoLTE list. iPhone 8 and above 

And for your other phones connected to 3G , did to connect to the network and data works when on 3G

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Thats one of the first things I tried, was changing the Network Modes on the phones that weren't working for calling, but it still didn't make a difference.

It still didn't work on 3G only. 😔

I have no Affiliation to Public Mobile personally, I just like to help my Referrals where I can since my experience here is immense.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@sheytoon Correct the S21 Ultra never seems to pick on on LTE, even with Roger's before it only picked up on 4G.

@softech That's really unfortunate, so that device isn't compatible at all in this area? Is the iPhone 7 supported?

hi @Priority 

you are pretty much a mobile sales for PM and you should know, but you didn't mention the key to voice calls here, 3G

Have you try changing the network to 3G?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

I've been battling a situation for over a week now with 3 Friend Referrals I've made - all in the same household (Inwood, Manitoba). Two coming from Roger's, and one coming from Bell which worked 100% normally at their home before switching to Public Mobile. 

These are the devices the Individuals are using and the Providers they Previously worked with:

• Roger's Samsung S21 Ultra (SM-G998B).

• Roger's iPhone 11 & Bell iPhone 7.

The Roger's iPhone 11 is working 100% normally with Public Mobile, it's the Samsung S21 Ultra and iPhone 7 that show LTE/4G plus Works for Texting and Data but is unable to make calls within their home or on the property.

Before they switched I checked each Device to make sure none of them used Wi-Fi Calling, to which none of them did.. so it's not like that would be the difference causing an issue since they didn't use it before with Bell or Roger's either.

When the Public Mobile SIM Cards are taken out of the Samsung S21 Ultra and iPhone 7, and tested in the one currently working iPhone 11.. they work in that phone but not when he puts them back into the proper Devices they are again unable to call. (When he puts the SIM Card from the iPhone 11 into the S21 Ultra or iPhone 7, calling than doesn't work with his number.)

They have an old Samsung S10e, so they tried all three Public Mobile SIM Cards in that phone as well just to try and narrow down this issue, however none of the Public SIMs worked on that phone to call when at home either, when that S10e also used to work there when it was previously used with Roger's in the same place. 

They have a Cell Booster and the iPhone 11 is the only one that will actually work to make and receive incoming + outgoing calls. When i call both the other numbers on the S21 and iPhone 7 they go straight to Voicemail and nothing pops up on their end. 

I've tried fixing and adjusting all the settings physically possible to make reception work on this S21 and iPhone 7 at their home and nothing is working, one week in.. they are considering leaving and bringing those two lines that won't work to call back to Roger's or Bell since this is becoming a prolonged process. 

The Samsung S21 Ultra is a Dual SIM European Model, so I thought that was the issue considering it was a Device from another country and it might not work the same here with our Networks, especially Public Mobile.. however now with the iPhone 7 facing the same issue, so we know it's not just the S21 Ultra at thus point. (We have tried the SIM Card in both Slot 1 and Slot 2 and it doesn't make a difference or make Calling work.)

We've used the Community and have a Ticket with Customer Service, they've done a reconfiguration but clearly it isn't an issue on they're end since every single SIM Card works in the iPhone 11 with calling. (Public Mobile even texted the S21 Ultra number with Tier II Tech Support and tried to help resolve the issue there via Text Message.)

Also, when the iPhone 7 or Samsung S21 Ultra is taken out of home into another town like Tuelon, Selkirk, Winnipeg, etc - They than will work with Calling magically out of no where, but as soon as they're brought back home only Texting and Data works again.

The home is equipped with a Cell Booster which helps the iPhone 11 make more clear calls, however it doesn't help the iPhone 7 or S21 Ultra at all.. 

It almost seems like a lost cause at this point - I might actually try one last thing and take a drive out to Inwood for a visit with a variety of Devices to try and narrow down this issue, and to see what will work and what will not. 

If it's a tower issue, and the property Is a dead zone why do all 3 devices get full LTE or 4G and only 2 don't work for calling, when 1 still does. (The one with Bell worked perfectly before and I thought Public and Bell shared a majority of Towers, so I'd never have expected this to be an issue.)

It's been a real headache, and It's really been stressing me out because I'm usually always able to help and get everything resolved very fast for most of my Referrals experiencing any issue.

I've referred over 100 people, some even living in the General vicinity of the Referrals facing this issue, however this is the first time anyone has ever experienced this specific issue and it's so weird that it will work in other places for calling but not at home where only the one iPhone 11 works for calling at home. 

Make it make sense. 🥺

@Priority there is not reliable 3G network there and need VoLTE for voice. S21 is not on PM's VoLTE compatible list but iPhone 11 is, that's why the same sim works in iPhone 11 but not S21

Mayor / Maire

European model may show 4G instead of LTE.

If VoLTE isn't working, you'll need 3G coverage for voice calls, which may not be available.

You can also ask your friend to try the SIM in the other slot of the S21 to see if VoLTE works. If it still doesn't work, it's likely a 3G coverage problem.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

It also appears to pick up on 4G alot more often then LTE, both with Public Mobile and before with Roger's. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

But the SIM Card that won't work in the S21 Ultra also won't work in the iPhone 11, meanwhile the iPhone 11 works fine with other Public Mobile chips in the same household.

Should I try a SIM Replacement?


@Priority , that dual SIM phone is not getting VoLTE access which is affecting the calling feature.  That is my prognosis of the problem.  The VoLTE whitelist is very restrictive.  I have a phone that is allowed VoLTE on the dog brand but not with Public Mobile.  

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