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Amazing company! Tell your friends and family.

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Unfortunately some people are posting complaints to the community rather than asking questions or helping others.

I have been with Public for over 3 years, referred 30 friends and family and have never had an issue.  My bill is consistent, service is solid and the perks are excellent😁

The members of the community are knowledgeable and very helpful.👍

I am extremely happy I left my previous provider and highly recommend Public Mobile.   


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you're 16 years old...

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@HALIMACS  Hehehehehe yup n back at it first thing thisMorning lol 


This topic has been discussed many times before, no one service works for everyone.  Many of us long termers think it is the best ever.  From some of the colorful threads that grace this forum from time to time, it is the worst service ever.  I think OP is smitten by the nice rewards from referrals.  If the old reward system was resurrected, this service would return back to its glory days.  I am not sure that ship is coming back.  😐

LOL @Handy1 


I'm guessing there are many a user here whose 'significant' other may feel similarly.... while they're scrolling through some social media sites (FB, twitter, instagram, tik tok, etc, etc) for snippets of this or that.


What's good for the goose...







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@HALIMACS  And @DDM69  i haven’t been in the community nearly as long as you two , but  we are here spending countless hours enjoying it it all the same . And I don’t know about you two but if I keep going I might find myself single . Because my women doesn’t understand why and thinks I’m pathetic for it and is starting to mock and judge me for it lol 

Mayor / Maire

HI @DDM69   I have to agree , great company

Mayor / Maire

@Handy1  &  @DDM69 


Isn't it amazing how we see opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to customer experiences?


This place just isn't for everyone, simple as that.


Based on the kinds of questions posed, perhaps Public Mobile ought to have a basic aptitude quiz for new customers to help determine whether an online-based service platform such as Public Mobile is a good fit for them.   Purpose wouldn't be to ridicule anyone - just help someone determine whether it's a good fit.





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I totally agree, I have been a member for almost 2 years and only had 1 issue and the Agent took care of it within a few hours plus they gave me a small credit for the troubles.


PM is not for everyone that has zero computer knowledge.

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Then, @DDM69 and Public Mobile is a good fit! Nice to hear.


We'd probably get A LOT more posts from customers if everyone who is happy with Public Mobile posted here.

You know what they say "No news is good news'. 😀


This is a place for help, so I can see why the issues or complaints would overload the forum over the 'great to be here posts'.

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@DDM69  well said @DDM69  i don’t have as many referrals as you but have been with PM since 2018

and no issues and totally recommend public mobile also