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15$ plan, unlimited incoming yes/no?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Before telling anyone else to join PM… do we know if the 15$ plan still includes free incoming calls?
Main pages shows no indication of free incoming being included..:(






Mayor / Maire

Selecting the plan at activation and changing plan in the account show the unlimited incoming. It's silly that it doesn't show in the main account access when you're on it but it does show it if you log in into the chatbot


I've bounced in and out of the $15 plan several times in the last 2 years. Incoming calls aren't included as part of your 100 minutes. Only outgoing calls count...checking your voicemail will use minutes as well.

BTW; if you do opt for the $15 plan with 100 minutes of Canada wide calling, consider getting the $5 / 500 minutes of Canada wide calling add-on as well. If you do go over your 100 minutes in your 30 days...those add-on minutes will take over until renewal. If you don't use all the 500 minutes, they'll roll over until you consume them all...even if that takes several months or more. It's a wise investment for your $15 plan.

@Vehicle711   no , there is no page on PM site that confirm this


But I have family member just activated $15  plan and I have first hand experience on that


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Anyway/where to see this?

..will it be posted in the options when they set up their accounts for the 1st time?

Mayor / Maire

@Vehicle711   Yes, free incoming minutes still included, just some how PM doesn't show it clearly


So, incoming calls are free for all current plans including $15 plan

Mayor / Maire