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Adding data check setting for data limit, change it to get access

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

If you are having trouble after buying data OR you have data that was given as a gift by Public Mobile and have trouble accessing it - check your setting for data limit. My Android phone have setting for 1 GB as that is what is on my plan. I used all of it and had more data available, gave up trying to use it so bought more data, still could not access.  My husband who is still grinning like a cat in 2 minutes changed the data limit setting and VOILA I had more data.  We are visiting family and in remote location so of course something happened and I needed to send my sympathies in an email to be read at funeral during this time, super stressful. THIS info needs to be on main Public Mobile site. Lots of info to buy data but not a helpful hints page on what could be wrong when you cannot access your data. WORST was getting badges and bravo for posting lots. BUT I was ranting about not getting help, not wanting a badge. Happier Minne Mouse


Mayor / Maire


when in doubt, come to the PM Community Forum for tips and suggestions.

Sounds like hubby should be an active Community Forum participant.

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@MinnieMouse  You can check it like this 

simply try refreshing the page when logged in



For most up to date account info

Check add-ons /mins /Data



For most up to date account info


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good tips and thanks

Yes, it is a good settings on Android, too bad iOS does not have it (i wish they do  😞 )

but problem with the setting is that it is monthly, PM is 30 days, so , if you are using it, make sure you change the cycle date

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