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Activating sim card to internet hub

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am not very good with online work and I am very frustrated. I have been trying to activate for over 2 hours and I am activated but I made a mistake re phone number and I am unable to erase it. Also the sim card is for an internet hub  (MiFi)  not a phone. So there is no number. My account shows it is active and payment on my account. I would be very happy if you could just cancel this account and erase all that I have tried. Without a phone number to call for support. I am best to just cancel and go another route for internet. Online stuff is too complicated for me. Thank you


Does the sim work in a normal phone? Data (not wifi)? Can you log in to this account?

I don't know what phone number you're looking for on your "hub". If it's unlocked then just put the sim in. How were you using the "hub" before this?

@Carol744  Only you can cancel it , do it like this 

Turn  auto pay  OFF/ON  3 easy clicks



Or if you know the 4 digit PIN number


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I did not know the correct phone number to my hub therefore the activation did not work to my midi hub there fore Please cancel my automatic payment.  Thank you.

Mayor / Maire

Just to clarify - even if the SIM goes into a hub, there needs to be a (phone) number attached to the SIM card. That's the "address" where the data is delivered to.

When I set up my MF928 I had to manually input the APN info for Public Mobile (plug into computer and log into the "website" as indicated in the start-up leaflet, I don't have it handy right now, sorry...) It has worked flawlessly ever since. (Except that I had to put the SIM into a phone to receive the 6 digit code for setting up my account again on Wednesday. This SMS or voice only on initial sign-in is SOOO stupid, get that e-mail option in there from the get-go, PM!!!)

The reality is that customer service agents of any brand will only help with set-up trouble shooting if the device has been bought from them. Years ago a friend of mine bought the exact same model MiFi as the one in the Bell line-up at the time, just that he got it unlocked online. Bell refused to help him setting it up with a Bell SIM. Public Mobile works on any device as long as it has the proper bands and is unlocked / locked to Telus or Koodo but you will need to be willing to do your own trouble shooting with the help of us community members who are customers just like you who are willing to share their experience. (There are some limitations when it comes to VoLTE, but that's a different story.)

Mayor / Maire

hi @Carol744 do you just want to get a new phone number? login to My Account, there is your phone number on the Profile page and yiu can change it there 

Mayor / Maire

@Carol744  You can unsubscribe to auto pay and start over as it’s prepaid they’re no prorating . But you can see if support could make an exception in your unfortunate case 

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