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6x$5 RAF Promo ($25??)

Mayor / Maire

Until October 31 11:59pm eastern. Both parties.

Says 6 months but says $25. Go figure.



You gotta keep it who forgot to program the system to allow more than one BONUS RAF. Let's see, are we not on #3 since August??


So Public Mobile.....what is it? 6 x $5 or 5 x $5?? Please update us. Thanks 

Mayor / Maire


Here's the clarification for your concern....


About the terms and conditions you have a point as it does not specify that only one promo can be active at the time but our system will not recognize a new one while there is one already active.I will make sure to pass the feedback so we can have more detailed guidelines in the future.


Obviously the future is not now so if you do successfully refer someone you will likely have to fight for it but you can give customer support the following link...



Mayor / Maire

@RossN- I got the email on one account. I seem to only get these things on one account. As for to @darlicious . She might have a thing or two say on that.

@dust2dust are they sending that to everyone or just certain customers? I guess what I'm asking is if you are in the middle of one of those 5x5 promoes are you eligable?

@dabr- lol I saw the 6 and then overlooked the $25. I started typing 5x$5 when I saw that it said 6. Marketing strikes again. What should I do? Should I change the subject line?

Mayor / Maire

@dust2dust   Just received that email, but have you read the details in it?  It's a $25 reward so 5 cycles of credit but the email says PM will give both parties $5 every 30 days up to "six months"?

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