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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I love all the new activation only promotions but it would be nice if we could sign up for them also.  Is there any way to get them?


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Three  possible ways:

(1)  Port out and port back in as  a new account.

(2) Abandon your present phone number and set up a new account with a different number.

(3) Contact CS agent and beg.

Third way, keep an eye on the new offerings and wait it out for a killer plan.  I still can't believe I am paying $75/60GB/90 days on half my accounts.  How could this plan be marketed by the same provider that has customers paying the same money for 1GB?  

Mayor / Maire

@Nbhiker2023  2 ways . First create new account with new email and sim and take a new phone number . Second way is to port out of PM and port back in on the newly created PM account if you want to keep same phone number . I’ve done both manoeuvres before the latter being more time consuming and some hidden cost of SIM cards and another plan with new carrier for a month . Of course you can also try to ask support . We have seen some  get lucky and get the new activation only plans just by asking . Also note if you create new account and have friend referrals  you wil lose them so carefully consider your choice 

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

hi @Nbhiker2023 

sorry, no way to get them if you are existing customer.

Some would suggest you to port out and port back in as  a new account, but I think too much to do and it won't be advantagous if you have friend referrals

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