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5G unavailable on my phone

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have the samsung s20 fe 5g, and I have upgraded to a 5g plan. However, I am unable to get 5g even when I am near 5g tower. At my university campus there is a 5g tower, I am constantly under the 5g coverage area and at university the most i get is lte plus. I contacted samsung about enabling 5g on my phone and they told me this is a network issue and need to contact service provider. They believe that the service provider has not enabled 5G for me.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Interesting, didn't know. Have the same exact phone, I was with Rogers and had 5G from time to time and now on PM it's the same thing as OP. I'm able to get speeds 200mbps+, so no issue. I'll upgrade to the S25 next year if the Samsung Trade-In discounts are as good as this year's

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

5G in these plans mean what PM defines as 5G speed so you can connect on LTE and get faster speed on the 5G speed plan than on the 4G speed plan.  Of course, the 4G speed may fine for your needs.  I would just go with whichever plan is the best price for your needs.  

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I've already gone through the reset all networks solution with Samsung (spoiler, didn't work). At campus, I've tested where I've had direct eye contact with the 5g tower (standing 20-30 meters below it) and was still not able to get 5G, so location/area is not the issue. At this point, ill just downgrade to 4g. There is not point in paying extra for a service I cannot use.

Thank you for the support, at least I now know that samsung isn't compatible with public mobile.



it is a known issue that S20 series does not work well with PM or Koodo, mainly because it was blocked on the OS level, an agreement between Telus and Samsung because both Koodo and PM did not have 5G support when S20 was introduced.  Yes, PM and Koodo both supporting 5G but it is too late and Samsung no longer update the OS to allow the phone to use 5G on PM

But even with you connected on LTE, your speed shoudl still be as good as you are on 5G network (close to 200Mbos)   Please try "Reset All networks" on your phone first, and also test the phone in different area

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