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500 one-time Int'l LD bonus 500 MIN

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Can 500 one-time Int'l LD bonus 500 MIN only be used for long distance and international calls?

or can they be used for local calls as well?


Reason for this question is that I am on $15 ,  100 minutes plan and have used up 90 mins and left with 10 mins only

Once these10 mins are finished , will I not be able to make local calls? 


Mayor / Maire


The holiday gift international minutes add on can be used for all calls within Canada and all of the international destinations listed by public mobile except the Philippines. The add on has minutes value of up to $0.05/min. The $5/500 min Canada wide calling add on is $0.01/min and is better value if you wish to save the holiday add on for international calling only.




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Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire



It can be used for local calls as well if you're on the $15 plan. In fact I've personally used it for this purpose in the past.