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$34 50 GB US/CAN Plan and legacy reward system

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I just upgraded my plan 2 weeks ago and migrated to a $34 plan 20 GB and kept the old reward system.

I just saw the $34 plan 50 GB data. When I was trying to switch to the plan in the next bill cycle I read on the disclaimer and I am a little confused whether it will allow me to keep my current reward system.

From what I read on the forum it should, but I wanted to confirm if I was taking the right approach.



Mayor / Maire

Rewards stay as is.

Some Add-ons might become inactive/obsolete particularly if you currently have data add-on and chose plan with unlimited data. Or if you have US minutes and chose US/Can plan...

Mayor / Maire

@DrunkenMonkey  Yes you will keep your old rewards no worries I can confirm this I just switched to this plan myself and kept my old rewards 



Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@DrunkenMonkey - Your old rewards are going to stay the same.

Your add ons should stay on the account if you got it still after 30 days.

Mayor / Maire

hi @DrunkenMonkey dont have to worry, that does not mean your rewards discount you are getting now.  That is for the special promotion some people see under My Promotions on My Rewards.  If you don't have. that section, you are ok.  You will still be on the old rewards system

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