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[Price Change]: $70 for 15GB, now $60/mo.

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Hi Community, 


We have some exciting news to announce today. Effective November 12, 2021 the $70 15GB plan will now be priced at $60, a $10 reduction!


At Public Mobile, we are constantly looking for ways that we can make our services more valuable for our customers.  All of our plans include: Call Display, Voicemail and Conference Calling.


What does this mean for you? 

Existing customers can change their rate plan to the following:

  • $60 per 30 days
  • 15 GB at 3G speed (per 30 days)
  • 500MB BONUS data when you sign up for AutoPay (per 30 days)
  • Unlimited Canada-wide Talk and U.S minutes
  • Unlimited International Text

Important things to know: 


  • Bonus data will expire if account becomes inactive or the rate plan is changed
  • Previous promotions that have been applied to the account that have been indicated as ‘non-stackable’ will be removed when you switch to this plan. To see if a promotion you currently have applied to your account is ‘non-stackable’ please check the terms of that specific promotion. 

How to get this offer: 

  1. Log in on Self Serve
  2. Go to “Plan and Add-ons”
  3. Select “Change Plan”
  4. Select the ready-made plan “$60 for 15GB + 500MB AutoPay Bonus”. You will have the option of changing your plan immediately or upon the next renewal date.

To learn more about Public Mobile plans, click here.


- The Public Mobile Team



@AE_Collector wrote:


Yes @softech , it says right in the fine print above that if you were in a plan with a promo and switch to this new plan you lose that promo. So it is a fair gamble, I would assume the promo will be removed. $10 reduction and winding up with 15.5 rather than 17.5 GB is likely a better rap for most unless really struggling to stay within 17.5 GB. I cant relate though, I stay within my 250 MB most months.



yes, I read the fine print  and it does sound like it is.  I still asked asI find it a bit unreasonable. 


2GBBonus is a recent promo.  As Jade said , it is a price reduction. I feel bad for people who lost the promo from trying to take advantage of the price reduction.   There could be people who activated just  a month or a week . 


just to be clear, I don't have the $70 plan myself, neither the 2GBBonus,I just want to clarify on this as I won't be surprise there will be heated posts later on the Community from people who have both and frustrated for losing  the promo  

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Price drop — always a welcome change — and the one thing without any debate. 😊

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire



Bravo! Or should I say it's about time? Appropriately priced with the $2 per1gb of plan data as you upgrade your plan from the $40 plan to the $50 plan and now to the $60 plan.


I do agree that the loss of the 2GBBONUS promocode bonus recurring plan data does sting a little for those who had that bonus. If we break it down like pm does in our transaction history and just subtract the 30 day plan charge of $10 the price per GB of plan data :


  • $15 plan - $20/1gb ($5/250mb)
  • $25 plan - $15/1gb (+unlimited calling)
  • $35 plan - $8.33/1gb (w/2gb promo=$5/1gb)
  • $40 plan - $6/1gb (w/2gb promo=$4.30/1gb)
  • $50 plan - $3.80/1gb (w/promo=$3.20/1gb)+US calling
  • $60 plan - $3.22/1gb (w/promo=$2.85/1gb)+
  • $70 plan - $3.87/1gb (w/promo=$3.42/1gb)+

I guess anyone dropping to the new $60 plan can give their 2 cents worth of feedback per GB that those who activated on the $50 plan with the promocode in the same time period are getting a better deal.


Maybe public mobile would add a 2gb bonus data add on to soothe the sting a little for those who lose their promotional data when they switch to the new $60/15.5gb plan.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Nice! This plan I always felt it was overpriced by $10-15. $58 after auto-pay for 15.5 GB's is much more reasonable. 

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Hopefully there would be improvements to all the plans soon!

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Ya eliminating 3G would be great but probably wouldn't;t come with a price reduction.

@softech wrote:

just to be clear, I don't have the $70 plan myself, neither the 2GBBonus

No, thanks. Way to expensive for my pocket. And what can you actually do with those 2GB? Looking at my WiFi usage, just daily browsing news, gas reporting, checking on weather, no games, no videos, no soc.networking, it takes >4GB month.


yes if people have wifi at home the most one needs is 4-6gb. unless you watch a lot of videos on the road. 


I agree, plans $50+ should be full lte plans. they are paying top dollar anyways. this would entice customers to upgrade just on the full speed alone

I always say.. if you are paying $40 and above, PM might not be a place for you.  The plan is not as competitive with the postpaid one.  Yes, postpaid is different, but these days, many prepaid plans no longer have a contract, and they have no surprise billing, too.  So, there is really not much reason why you don't check those plan if you are paying $40 and above.. and if you need A LOT of data