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Introducing Public Points ™

Public Mobile
Public Mobile

Hey Community,


We have some exciting news to share with the Public Mobile Community. We wanted you all to be the first to know we’re launching a new Rewards program soon - Public Points. 


Joining Public Points is optional for all existing customers. 

Your current rewards will remain the same. You’ll continue to earn in the same ways, and save the same amount. 

Once we launch the new program, all new customers will earn their rewards through Public Points.

If you’re interested in learning more about Public Points, and how you can join, we’ve provided some information below.


Why Public Points?

With Public Points, there are more ways to earn and spend rewards, making the program more flexible than before. Now you can earn and spend points how you want, when you want. You’re in control.


How does Public Points work?


Earn Points

Get rewarded in more ways than ever. Earn points just for paying your bill – for every dollar you spend, you’ll make 5% of it back in points.

Redeem points

We like to keep things simple. 1 point earned is valued at 1 dollar when redeemed - that’s it! 

Start saving

Redeem points on things that matter to you – like money off your bill, free add-ons or the chance to win awesome prizes.


Our Rewards Program has and continues to be our unique super power, by giving our customers the chance to earn even more!


Stay tuned for further details soon!


- Public Mobile Team


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HI @Ali2019 


in fact,  none of  us got switched over yet.  Some of us got an email this morning but the  email was sent out by mistake.  So, no worry, we will get a chance to choose when they finally introduce the new reward system.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you @hTideGnow for letting me know the mail was sent out by mistake, I was indeed got worried.

Mayor / Maire

Whoop. There it is. One account got the email. The same one that got the pre-announcement email. Two other accounts...nothing. Same.

Quick.....print your overview page and your referral numbers. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

If it was better or the same for customers, why would they switch. I remain skeptical.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

"But all in all....not bad. I can see some people liking it. But as mentioned, this program can be “managed” by diluting the value of a point."

Exactly, previously it was cast in stone, now as you say dilution is simple.

that's good they kept the referral rewards.

loyalty maxes out at $1.83/30 days.

auto-pay is 5% 

community same? what's "give back"?

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

This seems much more confusing to be honest. A harder sell to refer to friends than simply stating the dollar amount you will receive off monthly 



Quit thinking of what you have now and if you stay as is, what the downfall is. Assuming you are on a plan $40 or can still sell the positivity of the new points plan as being better in some cases. Just don’t say some. And don’t broadcast how much better your rewards are. I’m ready to sell !!

@AE_Collector wrote:

Both my accounts received the “Thanks for Switching” email today as well. If there is anything I need to give PM credit for it is being consistent! It doesn’t matter what is being offered, changed, given away etc…..




So the cat's out of the bag (I received the same email notification for all 5 of my existing plans).... Here is my analysis of the net change vs the existing Rewards program:

1 Pt = $1

  1. Get 5pts for sign-up BUT LOSE all account credits (BIG LOSS for some, except for $5 worth) (This seems to replace the $10 referral bonus and is being given to all, even without a referral)
  2. Loyalty Perk - this seems to be a one time bonus for switchers only (vs ongoing as a fixed 1pt/mo as I first thought). This seems to offset any loss of account credits and/or old Loyalty Rewards. The longer you have been with PM, the bigger the one-time perk. As an offset to the latter, this is like PM pre-paying your old Loyalty reward. Divide this perk by your current Loyalty Reward rate to figure out the equivalent number of months you are getting "prepaid".
  3. Anniversary Reward points = < 1pt / mon (replacing the old Loyalty Reward) This is equivalent to $0.83/mo. This is a LOSS of up to $4.17/mon in year 5 and beyond.
  4. Autopay - replaced with 5% pts per amount spent monthly... If monthly plan is less than $40/mon, this is a LOSS, up to $1.50/mo). So, only a GAIN IF your plan is over $40. On the current most expensive plan of $70, that is only 1.5 pts ($) more.
  5. Refer-A-Friend - no change
  6. Community - no change (assuming PM uses the same formula vs existing Rewards customers)

So based on this, what is the benefit of the new rewards program for existing customers? What good reason would any existing customer switch? So, it seems there is a small advantage if you are far from earning the full Loyalty Reward under the old existing program, and more so if you are on a plan over $40, but it is still at the loss of you become a long-term customer.


EDIT: Correction to Loyalty + Anniversary Rewards comparison. Loyalty Perk is only a one-time perk for existing customers switching to the new rewards program and Anniversary bonus replaces the old Loyalty Rewards. The benefit of this is quickly offset by the lost of the old Loyalty Reward after about 14-16 months, depending on timing.


Because the new customer earns the Anniversary bonus sooner, they are ahead $10 after the first year over the existing customer, who only starts to earn the old reward after 12 months. So it takes the existing customer 28 months to reach the final break-even point. THEN the existing customer will earn more after that. This only applies in comparison to a recent customer just starting out before this new program took effect.


On the other hand, if an existing customer reaches the second anniversary, they now earn $24/yr ($2/mo Loyalty) vs $10 for the new Public Points program. So the benefits of the new Anniversary bonus vanishes after that (there are 3 cross-over points at 22 months (for the first breakeven point), then at 25 months (where you briefly fall behind) and at 28 months (when you finally break even and get and stay ahead). In other words, the closer you are to being a customer for 22 to 28 months, the less of a benefit is the new Public Points rewards program.


P.S. Based on this, it will take PM a LONG time (a few years?) before they reap the benefits of this program change. The savings to them are virtually nonexistent until about the 3rd year, depending on the number of switchers and the amount they have to pay out in Loyalty perks.