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Telus is not hurting: 2020 Annual Report

The next time someone mentions that Public Mobile is suffering due to their rewards model think again… ….TELUS is a dynamic, world-leading communications technology company with $16 billion in annual revenue and 16 million customer connections….. htt...

JK8 by Mayor / Maire
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Bravo's are Back in the Lounge

As you will probably notice the Bravo button is back for posts in The Lounge. Now just like the Get Support section, you can show your appreciation to a post with a Bravo!!

Sub 300$ phone reccomendations?

A friend is looking for a recommendation on a sub $300 phone. Preferably $250ish. They would like:AndroidGood cameraBig batteryPm has the a12 for 200$ not sure if this is a deal, the pm S9 is 319 but not sure it's worth it as it's an old phone and pr...

mimmo by Oracle
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Mayor Status

Just found out that I am Mayor status in 11 months.I want to thank all Mayors and Oracles for helping me learn from all their posts, corrections and their support.I like to add my own touch to all my responses to all the questions posted.

BKNS27 by Mayor / Maire
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Re: PM shows as Public parking garage

I have been waiting for Jade's big announcement about PM Mobile going into a new business. And the Community reward will change to free Parking voucher for the different levels .. Top 1% for 15 parking vouchers, 5% for 10 vouches, and so on

softech by Mayor / Maire
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Top Contributors thread returns!

Finally the top contributors thread has returned although without the accompanying badges? Any word if these are to return? Unofficial guestimates to be updated shortly.... Well let's try this again as my entire post just disappeared.....?!! I must h...

Many problems in PM

It's very interesting to see the many people having difficulties either using or setting up to public mobile. I've been away for several years now and have signed up to public mobile again. I have never had an issue with the system. The many people t...

guitarpickr by Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
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Re: Did not receive SIM card

@z10user4 wrote:Contact a Customer Support AgentCustomer Support Agents hours of operation Everything about everything here @z10user4 No one can beat you this Simply--Smart way, not even Super-Simon himself

hTideGnow by Mayor / Maire
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Bravoing others - any REAL rules?

I have a question based on something I've noticed. Why is it that there are some users who particularly Bravo each other way, WAY more than other users? I especially see this with 2 members; someone by the username of S--S and another with the userna...

crustylady by Great Citizen / Super Citoyen
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Why no more Top Contributor Announcement

I understand it looks like the badge system is still broken (I thought the upgrade of Khoros would have that resolved), but why PM not make an announcement post about the Top Contributor in the last 2 months? They can still make the post without the ...

softech by Mayor / Maire
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Learn a new word today...flurona = Flu + RONA = Flu + Coronavirus combo = getting flu and COVID at the same time. Each Flu and Coronavirus by itself can kill... Don't get both...Stay safe and have a better and better days in the new year...

popping by Oracle
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Samsung A52-5G Today only - new pc optimum offer (New post)

Today only! If you have been in the market for the Samsung A52-5G and you are a pc optimum member whose been saving up your points for good electronics deal then today is the day. SDM has a today only offer: Spend $150+online before taxes and redempt...

All the links that are fit to link

These are the complete works of the Get Help pages. Getting Started What to do after activating The images under Create a self-serve account are outdated but get the idea across.How to Activate Making sure your phone works Getting a SIM Choosing your...

z10user4 by Mayor / Maire
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Re: Personal phone number in TAG

@computergeek541 wrote:@Anonymous wrote:@pkaraa you need to contact Jade_S by Private Messages, to she can remove it.or same person who add tags can remove the tag..Public Mobile staff cannot remove a tag inserted by a member. This is a site software...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Tablet 70% off

If anyone is looking for what seems like a great deal, Lenovo has their 10e ChromebookPart Number: 82AM0002US down $300 to $129 (reg. $429)Depending on your needs could be a great deal

rossputin by Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle
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