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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

How do I update my Visa card when their is no human to talk to,as I can't active my cell?


Mayor / Maire

Self service.



Mayor / Maire


Do you know your 4 digit account pin number? If you do and your credit card is not expired yet you can make a payment through 611 using your card registered on your account.


If your account is suspended because your credit card expired then you can make a payment with a voucher thru 611 without the need of using your 4 digit account pin #.


Info and helpful advice on public mobile vouchers and alternative methods of payment can be found here in this post....


Once you pay with the PM voucher your plan and account will be automatically reactivated. You can then receive the 2FA verification code via SMS text and access your account to update your credit card information.



You can also tell Simon the chatbot that you need to update your credit card information and he may be able to get you into your account but only if you can verify.... I think... @dust2dust knows better than I on what the chat bot can and cannot do?


If you still need to contact customer support we can do so below to this post.....

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi new to this found my account but not where I can update card



Are you able to access My account page? Need 2FA to access account, either via email or text. 

If you are able to access your self service account,


The website is finicky at times. Try a different web browser, clear cache or incognito mode.  Or try a different device like a desktop or laptop instead  


If you need service right away, another possiibility is to purchase a payment voucher either in store or online ( - service fee applies) and enter the code by dealing 611.  



Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

You can reach contact a Customer Support Agent by doing the following:

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