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use esim or cancel account

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I recently purchased a Public Mobile subscription with eSIM support for my iPhone XR. Although my phone supports eSIM, the Public Mobile app is prompting me to update my iOS in order to use it. I'd prefer not to update my iOS, and I haven't been able to connect with support despite multiple attempts.

Is there any way to still use the eSIM option? If not, how can I cancel my subscription since I cannot activate my account?

Thank you,


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I haven't received any emails from PM. The PM website prompts me to activate my account, which I cannot since I cannot use the PM mobile app on my phone. I opened a ticket with PM support. Thank you for your help.



If you don't want to update IOS, you likely can't use eSIM.  You could  get a physical SIM card instead.  

You can either submit a ticket for CSA support:

If that does not work, you can send a private message to CS_Agent:

Send a private message to CSA through the following link :

Wait times are longer than usual. 



there is a chance that the error was there because the Public Mobile esim is already installed and just not properly enabled

On Android:  Check your Sim Card Manager and see if a Public Mobile eSim is there.  If so, make sure it is enabled.  

On iPhone: check Settings > Celluar and see if the eSIM is there.  If it is, make sure the PM eSIM is set as Primary on "Cellular Plan Label" and "Turn on This Line" is toggled on


if you don't see the Public Mobile esim there, check the Welcome email, there should be a QR code for the esim for you to scan and install manually)

If the Public Mobile eSIM is there, disable or delete those non PM sim (eSIM/Physical sim). 
If the non-PM sim is physical, remove it.  If the non-PM sim is an esim, disable using the SIM Manager on the phone (or set as Secondary and turn off "Turn on this line" for this non-PM esim)  

Then reboot the phone and click Reset All Networks on your phone and it will work.  (Please note that Reset all Networks will also erase your saved Wifi and Bluetooth connections, but you just need to add them back after). Also, it is possible you have to reset it multiple times for it to work.

if it still does not work, open ticket with PM support using  private message

**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on the top right) after ticket submitted, CS Agent will reply to you there

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