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usage wrong in overview compared to usage history

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen


My son's phone is constantly running out of data. I assumed it was him, and would buy addons.

The last addon i bought was 200 megs - on Oct 8.

The overview shows 195/200 used.

However in the history - he has only used 159 megs.

How can this be? I knew he hadn't used that much - he was home sick for a portion.

What can I do to correct this? Is there a way another phone is getting his data?
Any help appreciated!



@Luddite wrote:

@totalUser Seems like waaay too much effort to track down 40 meg discrepancy. That much can be used in 1 speed test.

I agree it is

But if this is constantly happening and op believes that they are always shorted it may be worth it.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks all - I will try hhim on $40/month 5 gigs and see if I can narrow this down. I wanted to keep it lower for now as he doesnt use it that much - and yes tracking this down is relevant for me as I don't want to keep having to pay for these addons etc.

I will also look at his phone to see if there is something set to use data when on wifi - because this was the case one day for sure.





Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

FYI he has an iPhone 7.

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@Robert5 wrote:

FYI he has an iPhone 7.

@Robert5, while the data usage meter on the Overview page is accurate and real-time, note that the Usage History is delayed for data usage, by as much as 12 hours.


Definitely use the iPhone's cellular data counters as well, to isolate the offending app(s), and disable cellular data for those apps if applicable:
Settings --> Cellular --> scroll down to CELLULAR DATA to see what Current Period usage is (this will only be particularly useful if you reset the counters when new add-ons are added, or a new billing cycle starts). Also review each app and its cellular data usage during the period (pretty easy since these are listed in descending order with highest data user at the top). If you want to reset counters, scroll to the very bottom of this list and tap on "Reset Statistics" (before doing so, you can also see when the last reset was made).

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@computergeek541 wrote:

200MB is so little data, that the data usage of 195MB is probably accurate. It's possible that the summary is updated more quickly than the specific details. I can actually use 200MB in one day just reading messages on the Community site, never mind any video, audio, or picture intensive websites.


@Robert5 the part I bolded in @computergeek541 's reply above is probably the explanation for the discrepency.  The Overview page shows your updated usage in real-time or very near to real-time, while the Usage History page is only updated very 12 hours.  Thus, unless you've used zero data since hte last time the Usage History was posted, the Overview page will always show more used at any given time.



@Robert5 wrote:

FYI he has an iPhone 7.

You may want to double-check that the Wi-Fi Assist feature is turned off as well.

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@Robert5 wrote:

FYI he has an iPhone 7.

Ensure wifi assist is OFF, otherwise cellular data may be used even while connected to wifi. In future don't buy data add-ons, but renew his plan early as that's usually cheaper. Unfortunately though, you must contact the moderators, after making a manual payment for the plan, to do that.

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