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unable to receive and place calls on two phone lines

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Two of the mobile phones stopped receiving and placing calls, can you please chekc the status

4**********2 and 


When I call out or in it does not connect and just drops the line


ShawnC13: Removed phone numbers


Mayor / Maire

Please remove phone numbers. This is public forum...

It could be temporary outage. You can check it here:

but I doubt short outages will be noted there.

Did you try your phones further from your current location?

Mayor / Maire

HI@zsergii   If 2 phones with PM sim  in the same area without voice, It likely an  outage in your area


is Mobile data still working? Try to reboot your phone once


Since you have 2 phones, you can also try swapping your sim cards between the 2 phones.


Mayor / Maire

@zsergii  are texting and data services working?

Are both accounts saying Active in their self serve accounts or when calling 611?


Try manually select the 3G / WCDMA ONLY network in your Mobile Connections area in your settings (temporarily) to see if this improves calling in/out for the time being.


Also you could try toggling into/out of airplane mode to help reset the network.


Hopefully if the network is having an issue, this will clear up soon.